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Venue: Kings College London
Speaker: Various
Date: Tuesday, 05 September 2017 TBC - 07 September 2017

Connections UK is an annual conference that brings together multi-national professionals to ‘advance, and sustain, the art, science and application of wargaming.’ The event is organised by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the Defence Academy and King’s College London. The event is strongly supported by the Defence SIG.

Within UK Defence, wargaming is undergoing a major resurgence as exemplified this year by the UK MOD Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff (VCDS) launching a wargaming initiative to “explore what would be required to reinvigorate our approach to wargaming with the aim of improving our decision making at all levels in Defence”.

Connections UK 2017 will focus on sharing wargaming best practice. It will explore how practitioners can continue to make effective use of wargaming techniques to deliver key benefits for business (public and private), security, emergency services and military organisations.

On day one, the attendees will have the opportunity to develop their wargame design skills and participate in a Megagame, whilst the main conference on days two and three will involve a mixture of plenary discussions and extensive hands-on experience.

This year’s conference will be covering topics such as ‘UK military Tri-Service and FCO wargaming’; ‘Updates on UK and US military wargaming initiatives’; ‘Current design ideas in hobby gaming’; ‘Wargaming in Education’; ‘Matrix gaming’; ‘Wargame design and analysis’, and ‘Simulating the intangible’. 

This is in addition to the keynote address and a Games Fair.

The cost of the main conference is only £135.

To find out more about Connections UK and the 2017 conference, including details on how to register, see: