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Conferences & Events
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Beale Lecture (Operational Research Society)
London UK. SW1Y 5AG
21 Feb 2019
NATCOR Course - Stochastic Modelling
Lancaster University
01 - 05 Apr 2019
New to OR 2019 (Operational Research Society)
Birmingham UK. B4 7ET
10 - 11 Apr 2019
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Special Interest Meetings



Tue 20 Jun

  Criminal Justice
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ISMOR 33 – the current state of O.R. applied to military problems

Date: July 2016
Speakers: Various including Jonathan Nancekivell-Smith and Tony Sinden
Available: PDF article, written by Noel Corrigan

The Role of Analytics in Defence Analysis

Date: 10th April 2013
Speakers: Jonathan Batson (IBM Business Consulting) Tom McCutcheon (Dstl Fellow)
Available: PDF article, written by Sarah Esler DSTL

The Defence Special Interest Group held a workshop to explore how the Defence O.R. community could exploit any opportunities provided by the categories of Analytics: Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive.

Speed vs Rigour – Enhancing Decision Making in Defence Acquisition

Date: December 2012
Speakers: Tom Baldwin, Dstl; Gavin Jessup, MOD Head Office; Edwin Swidenbank, Atkins
Available: PDF article of the three talks, written by Chris Johnson AFORS

A report from the Defence Special Interest Group seminar at which analysis support to Ministry of Defence acquisition projects was discussed.

29th International Symposium on Military Operational Research (ISMOR)

Date: August 2012
Speakers: Various, including David Faddy, Peter Starkey, Major General Paul Jaques and Simon Jewell
Available: PDF article, written by Noel Corrigan

Decision Support in the MoD

Date: Wednesday, 09 May 2012
Speakers: Various
Available: PDF article of the three talks, written by Laura James, CORDA

A report from the recent Defence Special Interest Group meeting in which three perspectives on decision support in the MOD were presented and discussed.

Perspectives on analysis in the wider security environment - Exploiting OA tools and techniques beyond the MoD

Date: Wednesday, 13 July 2011
Speakers: HMRC, Dstl, QinetiQ
Available: PDF article of the three talks, written by Noel Corrigan

“Green Operational Analysis” – sustainable operations in the 21st century

Date: 10th November 2010
Speakers: Noel Corrigan
Available: Article (PDF)

Doctrine and Modelling for Stabilisation Operations

Date: 24th February 2010
Speaker: Lt Col Alasdair Balgarnie (DCDC)
Available: Powerpoint presentation - the development of doctrine and modelling for stabilisation operations.
Speaker: Andrew Hossack (Dstl)
Available: Powerpoint presentation - the development of doctrine and modelling for stabilisation operations.

Human Aspects of NEC:  Decision-Making,  Organisation and Information

Date: 18th April 2007
Speaker: Dr Andy Belyavin, Qinetiq company
Available: Powerpoint presentation - About 50 people came to the talk, they were a cross section drawn mainly  from the Ministry of Defence (including the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory)  and Industry. Tea and coffeee were served after the talk to encourage informal networking.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) in the exploitation of Intelligence

Date: 11th May 2006
Speakers: Emily Keefe of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
Available: Powerpoint presentation - Emily Keefe, gave a talk to an audience of about 40  from industry, government  and academia. This started with  some history of the development of SNA, and then a description of how it can be usefully applied to the analysis of social networks.

The use of Metamodels to complement simulation modelling

Date: 19th October 2005
Speaker: Dr Ken McNaught of  the Defence Academy (Shrivenham)
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Developing input-output simulation metamodels'
Speaker: Prof James Moffat, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl, Farnborough)
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Emergent Behaviour - Theory and Experimentation using the MANA model'

The two talks approached the subject from opposite points of view,  one concerned with fitting the response surface of the simulation, the other with developing a theoretical approach to the problem.

The application of Operational Research in supporting high level operational commanders in the field.

Date: 18th November 2004
Speaker: Paul Stoddart
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Operational Analysis Support to the RAF During Op TELIC'
Speaker: Graham Brownbill
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'OA Support to Land Operations : Op TELIC'

A large audience of fifty five people attended the Defence Special Interest Group open meeting to see Operational Research return to its roots. Two presentations were given relating to the application of Operational Research in supporting high level operational commanders in the field. The focus of the talks was recent support to the operations in Iraq. The first talk focused on Air Operations and the second on Land Operations.

The Role of OA in Experimentation

Date: 10th June 2004
Speaker: David Ferbrache
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'The Role of OA in Experimentation'
Speaker: George Pickburn
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Experimentation and Operational Research'
Speaker: Paul Blackford
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Network Integration Test and Experimentation Works'

A meeting, 'The Role of OA in Experimentation', to explore the relationship between Operational Analysis and experimentation took place. It also included an opportunity to visit the BAE SYSTEMS Battlespace Management Evaluation Centre.

Open Workshop on the Modelling of Operations

Date: 19th February 2002
Speaker: Pete Bailey
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'DIAMOND, Diplomatic and Military Operations in a Non-warfighting Domain'
Speaker: Steve Curram
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Al for OOTW, Representing Plausible Behaviour in OOTW Simulators'

An open workshop on the modelling of Operations Other than War/Peacekeeping Operations was held at Dstl Farnborough. A presentation was given by Peter Bailey of Dstl on DIAMOND, which is a campaign level Command and Control led agent simulation model of peacekeeping operations. This was followed by a presentation from Steve Curram, HVR-CSL. Following the presentations, there was a lively discussion. During the discussion, Dr Uwe Dompke (who was attending from the NATO Command Control and Consultation Agency (NC3A) in the Hague) described the new model developments underway at NC3A

Bayesian decision making

Date: 4th December 2001
Author: Jim Moffat
Available: PDF article - 'Report of presentation at the Dstl Analytical Development Team Joint Event'
Speaker: Jim Smith
Available: Powerpoint presentation - 'Catastrophe Theory, Real Time Strategy and Decision Support'

OA techniques for the future

Date: 22nd September 2001
Speaker: John Holt
Available: PDF file - Joint DERA/ Defence Special Interest Group report

Report of presentation 'Two Faces of Soft OR in Military OA'

Date: 2nd June 2001
Speaker: John Holt
Available: PDF article - Over 80 attended to hear John Holt from HVR Consulting Services Ltd (HVR-CSL)

Systems Engineering for the 21st Century

Date: 9th December 1998
Speaker: Professor Ken Hambleton,
Available: PDF file - About thirty people braved a winter evening in London, among the audience were the Deputy Under Secretary of State (Science and Technology) of the Ministry of Defence, and the Professor of Systems Engineering at Cranfield University. Ken is the first Professor of Defence Engineering at University College, London, after having a distinguished career as a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Defence.