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Joint YHORG/Health SIG Meeting
OR in Health: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Date: 26th February 2009
Speaker: Geoff Royston, recently retired Manager, OR Group, DOH, Leeds
Available: slides- 'The next fifty years of operational research in health in the UK (with some lessons from the last fifty)'
Speaker: Prof Jeff Griffiths, Cardiff University
Available: slides- 'What healthcare problems should we be tackling, and how far have we progressed?'
Speaker: Dr Alejandra Duenas, ScHARR, Sheffield
Available: slides- 'Is multi-criteria decision analysis applicable to public health decision making?'
Speaker: Prof Jim Chilcott, ScHARR, Sheffield
Available: slides- 'Welcome & Overview of ScHARR'

Health Services Solutions - The Role of Modelling and Simulation

Date: 23rd April 2008
Speakers: Nick Black - HSRN Chair, Prof. of Health Services Research LSHTM; Andrew Dillon - Chief Executive, National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence; Nigel Edwards - Director of Policy, NHS Confederation, Tom Treasure - Prof. of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Chair of the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death
Available: Programme details of the day

Modelling and Simulation in the Health Services - Building on Experience

Date:21st November 2007
Speaker: Various
Available: Programme details of the day