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Past Meetings 2015

Meetings: Thursday, 01 January 2015 - Thursday, 31 December 2015

What's so special about the Third Sector?

Venue: Ye Olde Watling, 29 Watling Street, London, Greater London, EC4M 9BR
Speaker: Ruth Kaufman - President Elect, The OR Society
Date: Tuesday, 13 October 2015 at 18:00

The OR Society’s Third Sector initiative has two main components: a Special Interest Group, and a Pro Bono scheme, matching O.R. volunteers with third sector organisations needing their input. But is there really any difference between doing OR in the third sector and doing it with a government or private sector organisation? Is “it’s for charity” really a good enough reason to work for free? This talk explores these challenges, taking charities as an example of third sector organisations.

Location: In the upstairs bar of Ye Olde Watling, on the Corner of Bow Lane and Watling Street nearest stations are Mansion House (Bow Lane exit) and Bank (exit 8) for tube, or Cannon Street and City Thameslink for rail. The event is open to all and with a free buffet of sandwiches available afterwards.

Start Time: 6.00pm (for 6.30pm start)

For further details contact:
Sandra Weddell Tel: 020 3054 8693, Email:

OR & Oxfam: Optimising donation bank collections using remote monitoring sensors

Venue: University of Southampton Highfield Campus Building 2, Room 3043 Southampton, SO17 1BJ
Speaker: Tom Cherrett
Date: Thursday, 11 June 2015 at 15:30 - 17:30

(The OR Society: Joint Third Sector SIG, SORG and CORMSIS Event)

Registration from 3:30 PM with refreshments, talk begins at 4:00 PM

Major charities can spend around 20% of their income on logistics, collecting new donations from donation banks and recycling unsellable textiles via various outlets. This talk will describe the key learning outcomes from a project undertaken with Oxfam which installed remote monitoring sensors into a subset of their textile donation banks and using the fill levels reported daily, derived collection strategies using tabu search methods. These were based on a set of rules to only allow banks to become eligible for servicing once they had reached a specific fill level. The problem was made more complex by the need for the collection vans to also visit Oxfam shops on a fixed schedule basis to remove unsold textiles. Following live and simulated trials, the results suggested that time and distance savings of up to 30% over the current fixed schedules could be achieved when a minimum bank and shop fill level of between 50% and 60% was used as a collection trigger. Some of the outcomes from the project are now being developed commercially in the form of an app, to allow the area managers, shop managers and drivers to communicate and manage collection scheduling in a more dynamic way.

For further information please contact:      
Please use this link for directions:   
Please note parking is limited so you are advised to travel by public transport (there are excellent bus links to the university from both train stations).  If you do require parking please contact me ASAP.

OR in the Third Sector Spring Seminar: Services to Young People

Speaker: Various
Date: Thursday, 23 April 2015 at 16:00 - 20:00

Summary: Jeff Jones, Third Sector SIG Committee

Available: Event write up (on repository: Third Sector SIG: Services to Young People write up)


Summary: Childhood Trust presentation (Malcolm Fenby & Joanna Ziff)

Available: Presentation (on repository Services to Young People: Childhood Trust presentation)


Summary: Elfida Rathbone Cambden presentation (Rose Drummond)

Available: Presentation (on repository Services to Young People: ERC presentation)


Summary: AYME presentation (Sue Merchant)

Available: Presneation (on repository Services to Young People: AYME Presentation)


Summary: JRF presentation (Dave Buxton)

Available: Presentation (on repository Services to Young People: JRF presentation)

Services to Young People

Venue: Room 1.07, New academic Building, London School of Economics
Speaker: Various Pro Bono O.R. volunteers
Date: Thursday, 23 April 2015 at 14:30 - 17:00

There are many thousands of charities providing services to young people, aiming to ensure that no matter how vulnerable they are, or what risks and deprivations they face, they will have the chance to enjoy their childhoods and have a safe and happy future.

How can O.R. help these organisations? Is there anything special about the nature of the analytical or decision-making support needed when the service users are young people? What can we learn from the experiences of O.R. interventions?

This seminar will include a series of talks by O.R. professionals who are working pro-bono for charities supporting young people. The charities involved include The Childhood Trust, Elfrida Rathbone, and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The talks will be followed by a general discussion of special issues affecting young people.

To book your place please visit: Eventbrite: Services to Young People

Please note this event is free but places are limited. For further information please contact: