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OR and Strategy SIG

Strategic development is fundamentally concerned with organisational development over the longer term, moving an organisation in the direction of a desirable goal or objective. Thus deciding where you want to go, examining what may lie ahead, choosing between options, setting targets, planning how to move in the direction you want to and checking progress along the way are all important components of any process designed to support strategic development.

Strategic decisions, such as launching a new product or choosing between sites for a new building programme are characterised by their difficulty to reverse since they often have enduring consequences. Helping managers to understand the nature of the issues they face and to have confidence that decisions made have been supported by appropriate analysis of knowledge, information and data, are some of the contributions that O.R. can make to strategic development.

The aims of the OR and Strategy Special Interest Group are to provide a forum which:

  • Promotes a discussion of the contribution that O.R. makes to strategic issues in organisations.
  • Increases awareness of the potential for O.R. methods to support strategic development and strategic level analysis

If you would like to join the mailing list for the OR and Strategy Special Interest Group, and receive information on future meetings and activities, please contact us.