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Untying the knot: An ethnographic perspective on problem structuring methods

Date:  Wednesday 30th May 2007
Speaker: Tom Horlick-Jones
Available: PDF presentation

Using PSMs in the public sector: the experience at Dstl

Date:  Wednesday 11 October 2006
Speaker: Nicola Morrill
Available: PDF presentation

Facilitating Strategic Thinking And Innovation Using Soft Systems Methodology (SSM)

Date: Thursday 11 May 2006 
Speaker: Dr. Giles A. Hindle HCS Ltd & Lancaster University
Available: PDF presentation

Strategic Options Development and Analysis (Soda): Hints and Tips from Practice

Date:  Monday 20 February 2006
Speaker: Colin Eden and Fran Ackermann University of Strathclyde
Available: PDF Document

Evaluating Problem Structuring Methods: Developing a Framework to Show the Effectiveness of PSMs in a Regeneration Context

Date: Thursday 30 June 2005 
Speaker: Leroy White, University of Bristol
Available: PDF presentation

Problem Structuring Seminar - a seminar on developing capacities for participatory problem structuring in a developing country

Date:  Wednesday 27th April 2005
Available: Report on the event

Speakers: Professors Elisenda Vila and Ana Maria Benaiges
Available: PDF presentation - 'National Planning Process the New Stage'
Available: PDF presentation - 'Political Context'
Available: PDF presentation - 'Reflections'
Speaker: Barrio San Julian
Available: PDF presentation - 'Our Planning'