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Future Meetings

Sounder Decision Making for Public Policy

Venue: Bentham House, University College London, WC1H 0EG
Speaker: John Friend, Prof. Leroy White & others to be confirmed
Date: Tuesday, 04 December 2018 at 14:30 - 17:30

One of the key challenges outlined in John Friend’s 2017 Beale lecture on Linking Public Policy Worlds is the need to build fresh momentum in the use of OR problem structuring tools in public policy design. The purpose of this event is to launch a new inter-university initiative whereby schools with an OR capability can collaborate with policy-relevant disciplines, and with governmental agencies.

It is intended that this event will be of direct interest to:

  • EARLY CAREER GRADUATES who feel drawn towards a prospect of developing a socially responsible role as a driver of innovation in the processes for shaping public policies;
  • AMBITIOUS ACADEMIC STAFF who see opportunities to devise new programmes of training, workshop facilitation and research addressing important arenas of public policy;
  • MATURE STUDENTS who can offer a reservoir of practical experience in the daunting inter-organisational challenges of public policy development at local, national or other levels.

INTERESTED? Then a suggested first step is for you to apply for a FREE place at our half-day event at UCL in central London on 4th December 2018.  At this event, a set of proven templates will be introduced for making a start in the design of immersive short courses; in the facilitation of strategic choice workshops; in mounting short interactive taster events; and in the application of flexible software for decision process support - all with exciting opportunities for further development and wider application in the decades ahead. 

It is planned in 2019 to follow this event by further programme-building activities in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.