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Conferences & Events
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STEM Ambassador Training (Operational Research Society)
Cheshire, SK10 2NA
22 Nov 2018
Careers Open Day ((Operational Research Society)
Birmingham UK. B1 2EP
27 Nov 2018
Blackett Lecture (Operational Research Society)
London UK. SW1Y 5AG
28 Nov 2018
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Public Policy Design SIG Reports/Presentations

Public Policy Design SIG 1st General Meeting

3rd December 2014

We elected Rob Solly and Jean McLeod  as officials and John Friend, Ian Mitchell, Cathy Hobbs, Brendan Hickling, Rob Angell, and David Lane as committee members.

We agreed sub-groups to focus on three initiatives:

  • David Lowe will lead a sub-group to develop and promulgate good practice for OR, particularly to ensure that its recommendations are implemented
  • Ian Mitchell will lead a sub-group working with local government to apply OR to a local development plan
  • Rob Solly will lead a sub-group working to apply OR in the What Works centres, Behavioural Insights Team or Policy Lab work on cross-departmental and local/national issues

Next steps:

  1. Rob Solly and Jean McLeod to arrange next SIG meeting in London in March
  2. Each sub-group to work up an action plan for how to tackle their initiative over the next 12 months, and share it with SIG members 1 week before the next meeting in March
  3. Each sub-group leader to co-ordinate meetings and work from sub-group members to achieve this deadline

Futher information: More information is available in a Powerpoint presentation given at the meeting on the 3rd December 2014
Author: Rob Solly

O.R. in Policy Making

26th June 2014

Chaired by OR Society President Professor Stewart Robinson, our special interest policy event on 26 June 2014 in Roseberry Hall, LSE consisted of several elements, all of which were designed to illustrate and inform attendees about the important role of O.R. in policy making.

Rob Solly, Dstl, explored the areas where O.R. had proven its worth in providing policy support. He emphasised that ‘problem structuring’ was one of the unique qualities of O.R. that made it such a perfect fit with government policy creation objectives using the recently held ‘Shaping Choice in Public Policy – a problem Structuring Approach’ event to illustrate this.

John Friend delivered a presentation detailing his long involvement with O.R. (over 50 years) and his recent involvement in an OR Society charitable project concerning, ‘The Future Policy Influence of O.R.’ In Europe and on other continents O.R has already been shown to have a useful function in the development of the processes behind public policy development.

Following John’s presentation, attendees were treated to short presentations suggesting starting points for proposed thematic workshops. These workshops took place after a refreshment break, and they were supported by Mike Cushman, Cathy Hobbs, Brendan Hickling, Ian Mitchell, Rob Solly and other members of the new O.R. Special Interest Group on Public Policy.

This period of interactive problem structuring in facilitated groups had participants engaging in: exploration of alternatives for future investment in key areas of skills for shaping public policies; research in public policy processes and; technologies to support the development of public policies. The workshops resulted in a series of informed poster presentations which stimulated further debate. The event was brought to a close by OR Society President, Professor Stewart Robinson.