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What are the courses like?

Delegates attending our courses provide feedback on many aspects of the events. The scores are shared with the tutors with a view to maintaining and improving our very high standards.

A few course comments

Feedback from a 2015 Tutor

"Just run a training course at the OR society. Brilliant facilities combined with professional and friendly support made the event a real success."

(Simon Pegg)

Collaborative Approach 2015

"The content was more than what I expected and the techniques covered are so useful I will be using this information"

Facilitation Skills 2015

"Very good course and will provide benefit to myself and my organisation"

"Excellent - interactive nature was so useful and started us on our journey towards being better facilitators. Very useful problem structuring tools - practical!"

Simulation 2012

"A thoroughly useful course that was fantastically planned and implemented.  I learned more than I expected to and I will definitely draw upon this in the future.  Thanks."

Facilitation Skills 2012

"I learnt a great deal during this course and look forward to applying the skills in the work place."

Introduction to System Dynamics 2012

"Very good training package."

Decision and Risk Analysis 2012

"Overall I was very pleased with the course, tutors, venue and catering; would highly recommend to my colleagues.  It was nice to have some challenging material and see how complicated it can get. Overall an excellent course, Thanks very much!"

Datamining Course 2011

"Thought it was very well organised and presented. Thank you."

"Very interesting – can definitely envisage using the knowledge gained in future work"

Simulation 2011

"An interesting & enjoyable course. Stewart brought out some very interesting examples form his career that really made clear the issues under discussion."

Using SSM 2010

"Excellent approach to the subject, challenging for student enabling you to learn more. Highly applicable."

Strategic Choice Approach 2010

"I thought the practical exercises were extremely useful in understanding the methodology & the length of the course was just right to allow this."


A few articles

Queries Regarding Training Courses

If you are interested in further information, have any requirements (e.g. an alternative course date), or have difficulty booking a course online then please contact Jennie Phelps. It is recommended that courses are booked online. If this is not possible, then please print off, fill and fax or post the Training Course Booking Form.

Jennie Phelps   Address:  The OR Society, Seymour House, 12 Edward Street, Birmingham, B1 2RX, UK
  Tel: +44 (0)121 233 9300
  Fax: +44 (0)121 233 0321