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Introduction to Credit Scoring

  Ref. 310  
  Jonathan Crook and Galina Andreeva
  9 September 2014, Birmingham
  £675 + VAT Members
  £725 + VAT Non-members
  Hands-on course


   Predictive 100%

What delegates will learn from the course

This course provides an introduction to credit scoring: what credit scoring is; how it developed and how it fits into the credit industry; the business problems it addresses.

Gain the information needed to develop scoring; legal limitations; ideas of generic scoring and segmentation.  Learn statistical techniques used in scorecard development: linear and logistic regression; choosing characteristics and attributes; splitting continuous variables.  Understand other approaches to credit scoring: how to assess if a scorecard is good, monitoring scorecards and the necessity to segment.

  • Statistical and alternative methods of constructing scoring rules
  • How to process data prior to model building
  • How to assess and monitor scorecard with a review of current developments
  • Current developments and new applications of credit scoring techniques

Course provider: University of Edinburgh

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