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Decision and Risk Analysis under Uncertainty

New for 2016   Ref. 392  
  Jian-bo Yang and Dong Ling Xu
  21 April 2016, Birmingham
  £590 + VAT Members
  £640 + VAT Non-members
  Hands-on course


   Foundation NA

This course will show you how to use a new and advanced approach and software tool for risk analysis, strategic planning, policy making, cost-benefit analysis and prioritisation.

You’ll gain advanced knowledge in decision sciences, the most recent and advanced approach for handling uncertainties in complex business decision making; Enhanced decision making skills: how to build a model to analyse and manage various types of uncertainty and preferences in complex decision making problems with enhanced confidence. The latest decision support software: you will learn how to use the latest decision support software tool: Intelligent Decision System (IDS), not only for decision making but also for knowledge management. You will learn from various case studies, including risk analysis, strategic planning, policy making, cost-benefit analysis, prioritisation, supplier selection, and business performance assessments. Wide knowledge in decision sciences: you will also learn a range of conventional methods and tools for decision analysis under uncertainty in comparison with the advanced approach in a coherent and integrated way.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make reliable and informative decisions of high quality meaning money and competitive advantages for your organisation
  • How to make efficient and effective decision support means that you can focus more on problem specific issues, approach them in a structured and systematic way, and explore many options from different angles in less time
  • How to master effective and efficient decision communication through graphical and text reports highlighting risks and strengths of various courses of action in a balanced way
  • To network and share experiences with other decision and policy making professionals
  • Potential low cost opportunities to tap into the knowledge pool of experts from a world leading business school through various collaborations and partnerships such as government funded knowledge transfer partnership or student dissertation projects

Course Provider: Jian-bo and Dong Ling Xu

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