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Data Presentation for Analysts

  Ref. 491  
  Dr Greg McCormick FORS
  12 February 2018, Birmingham
  £555 + VAT Members
  £605 + VAT Non-members
  Hands-on course


   Foundation NA

This course explains how to use charts and tables to communicate with a non-technical audience in a way they will be able to follow. The course is not about the sort of complex tables and graphs needed in formal research documentation.

You’ll learn the difference between messages and analytical findings and their importance to audiences; the need for selectivity and the need to address the interests of the audience; basic standards and best practice for constructing and presenting short tables to non-specialists; basic standards and best practice for presenting simple graphs; the use and value of formatting, layout, rounding and aggregation, and some guidelines; hints on narrative; relationship between messages, tables, charts and text. What works – and what doesn’t.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Present data and related messages to management and non-professionals in focussed, concise and understandable ways.
  • Understand how the way you present data can make all the difference between analysis which is acted on and work which receives little attention. This course will increase your credibility and impact.
  • Appreciate that better presentation will make your output more widely accessible to the rest of the organisation.
  • Produce reports and presentations that will look clearer and more professional
  • Consider audiences more systematically

If you are interested in further information, have any requirements (e.g. an alternative course date), or have difficulty booking a course online then please contact Jennie Phelps. It is recommended that courses are booked online. If this is not possible, then please print off, fill and fax or post the Training Course Booking Form.

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