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Data Mining: Advanced Data Mining

  Ref. 495  
  Bart Baesens and David Martens
  29 June 2018, Birmingham
  £665 + VAT Members
  £715 + VAT Non-members
  Hands-on course


   Descriptive NA
   Predictive 100%

You’ll gain an overview of advanced techniques used in data mining such as social network analytics, survival analysis and Bayesian networks.  You will also get an overview of emerging applications such as fraud detection and recommender systems.  You will also learn how to deploy and monitor analytical models. 

Developing skills learnt from the Techniques and Applications course

  • State-of-the-art techniques in data mining: social network analytics, survival analysis, Bayesian networks
  • Emerging applications (e.g. fraud detection, recommender systems).
  • Deploying analytical models
  • Monitoring analytical models

If you are interested in further information, have any requirements (e.g. an alternative course date), or have difficulty booking a course online then please contact Jennie Phelps. It is recommended that courses are booked online. If this is not possible, then please print off, fill and fax or post the Training Course Booking Form.

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