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Introduction to Measuring and Demonstrating Impact in Complex Systems

  Ref. 507  
  John Newman and Sam Mackay (Apteligen Limited)
  11 October 2018, Birmingham
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  £545 + VAT Non-members


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This course will use practical examples and real-life experiences to develop the basic skills and knowledge needed to effectively measure and demonstrate the impact of public sector and third sector services.

Public and third sector services are increasingly being asked to demonstrate the impact they have, and to make the case for why (and how) services should be commissioned, based on the outcomes they achieve. This brings with it a number of challenges, as these services are often delivered in complex systems where a number of factors contribute to outcomes and impact. These outcomes are also very often difficult to quantify – and knowing ways to overcome this are essential skills for managers, practitioners and commissioners of public services. This course covers the core skills needed to successfully measure and demonstrate impact in a variety of settings, and an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others who have faced similar challenges. Importantly, you will learn the skills needed to successfully navigate through the latest tools and techniques that are available, and to choose what will work best in your own organisation.

You’ll learn

  • techniques and methods for defining outcome and impact measures
  • various ways to collect meaningful data and evidence
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques and their application (in the public / third sectors)
  • how to measure impact in complex systems
  • considerations for building a convincing business case

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