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Mapping the Business Model of an Organisation for Strategy and Innovation

New for 2018   Ref. 517  
  Giles Hindle and Richard Vidgen
  2 October 2018, Birmingham
  £450 + VAT Members
  £500 + VAT Non-members


   Foundation NA

Business model innovation is an area of key investment for many organisations and organisations need to identify business value in strategic investments. There is a shortage of analytics professionals who can work with business models, so most organisations struggle to map their business models and require analytical support. Soft O.R. maps perfectly onto the process of business model innovation.

Delegates will be given practical experience in business modelling, involving examination of the business situation of the organisation using problem structuring methods followed by mapping using the Business Model Canvas.  This course has been constructed for analysts and managers responsible for supporting strategic thinking and the innovation of business units or services. Public sector, private sector and third sector applications will be covered.

Using case studies for experiential learning, delegates will learn:

  • How to design projects to support strategic thinking and business model innovation.
  • How to identify the key strategic issues for an organisation using problem structuring methods.
  • How to use systems modelling to view organisational systems.
  • How to map the business model of an organisation using the Business Model Canvas
  • How to design a strategy for business model innovation.

If you are interested in further information, have any requirements (e.g. an alternative course date), or have difficulty booking a course online then please contact Jennie Phelps. It is recommended that courses are booked online. If this is not possible, then please print off, fill and fax or post the Training Course Booking Form.

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