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DEA2015 Conference
Technische Universität (TU) Braunschweig, Germany
24 - 27 Aug 2015
IMA Conference on Numerical Methods for Simulation
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
01 - 04 Sep 2015
University of Vienna, Austria
01 - 04 Sep 2015
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Introduction to O.R for Non-O.R. Professionals

    Ref. 2231  
  Mike Moir
  4 October 2012, Birmingham
  £465 + VAT Members
  £515 + VAT Non-members


What delegates will learn from the course

   Foundation 100%
   Descriptive NA
   Predictive NA
   Prescriptive NA

This course will help your clients, colleagues and others in your organisation that interact with O.R. professionals to understand the way O.R. people see the world, work and solve problems. They will be able to identify when and how O.R. professionals can really help, work more closely – and more effectively – with O.R. people and blend O.R. into an overall consultancy service offering. They’ll also see how some apparently simple problems can go terribly wrong without an O.R. style intervention.

  • The origins of O.R.
  • How O.R. concepts like measurement, queueing and simulation are everywhere
  • How the media ‘stole’ decision making, forecasting and game theory from O.R.
  • Seeing the world through O.R. tinted glasses

Course provider: Independent Consultant

If you are interested in further information, have any requirements (e.g. an alternative course date), or have difficulty booking a course online then please contact Jennie Phelps. It is recommended that courses are booked online. If this is not possible, then please print off, fill and fax or post the Training Course Booking Form.

Jennie Phelps   Address:  The OR Society, Seymour House, 12 Edward Street, Birmingham, B1 2RX, UK
  Tel: +44 (0)121 233 9300
  Fax: +44 (0)121 233 0321