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The OR Society Thought Leadership Webinar

Simulation, Lean and Lean Simulation

Stewart Robinson, Loughborough University

Monday 10 November 4:30pm

Join The OR Society for its first thought leadership webinar with the OR Society President, Prof. Stewart Robinson (Loughborough University).  This series of webinars are designed to engage O.R. professionals and academics with key topical issues from thought leaders in the field.  Prof. Robinson will provide a short talk on 'Simulation, Lean and Lean Simulation' with an opportunity for Q&A and discussion. 

Details of Thought Leadership webinar:
Discrete-event simulation and lean are approaches that have a similar motivation: improvement of processes and service delivery.  They are, however, rarely used together.  In this talk Professor Robinson will discuss from a theoretical and practical perspective the complementary roles of simulation and lean.  In doing so he will identify three roles for simulation with lean (education, facilitation and evaluation), and demonstrate them in use with case examples.  The talk will finish by introducing the idea of ‘lean simulation’.

Details of the Thought Leader:
Stewart Robinson is Professor of Management Science and Associate Dean Research at Loughborough University, School of Business and Economics.  Previously employed in simulation consultancy, he supported the use of simulation in companies throughout Europe and the rest of the world.  He is author/co-author of six books on simulation.  His research focuses on the practice of simulation model development and use.  Key areas of interest are conceptual modelling, model validation, output analysis and alternative simulation methods (discrete-event, system dynamics and agent based).  Professor Robinson is co-founder of the Journal of Simulation and the Simulation Workshop conference series.  He is President of the Operational Research Society. Home page:

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If you are interested in providing a thought leadership webinar in this series then please email Dr. Miles Weaver at for further details.