Speakers and Exhibitors at the Analytics Summit 2019

Meet the Speakers

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Payal Jain,  Experienced Commercial & Analytical Executive and Chair of Women in Data UK

Bio: Payal has spent her career in banking and finance, spending 16 years at Barclays where she performed in a number of commercial, credit risk and analytical roles in the UK and internationally. In her last role at Barclays, she became the Managing Director of Strategic Analytics and was responsible for all the analytics in the UK and European Credit Card division with a team of 150 people across eight countries. Payal became an independent consultant in 2016, supporting FinTech start-ups, private equity firms and banks and in the same year was also recognised as the most influential data professional in the DataIQ Top 100 leaders in the UK. She is very passionate about leading the agenda for greater diversity in analytics and is Chair of Women in Data UK. She also supports several charities by helping organisations become more efficient by focusing on their mission and ensuring they measure their results and impact effectively. 

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Making AI Human Again: The Importance of Explainable AI (XAI)

Erik Pazos, Data Scientist, QuantumBlack

Abstract: Proliferation of machine learning techniques have led to more companies driving their decision-making process with complex models. In this increasingly fast paced world, it is becoming more difficult to understand how AI systems are making our everyday decisions. Along with increased regulation, there is a growing demand to build explainable models without compromising performance. In this session we will present how QuantumBlack is using XAI to drive adoption, diagnose bias, and deliver impact across organisations.

Bio: Erik Pazos is a data scientist at QuantumBlack.  He is involved in banking, telecommunication, pharma projects as well as helping our internal Explainable AI (XAI) effort. Prior to QuantumBlack he worked in digital advertising for two years, building machine learning algorithms to better predict customer behaviour. Erik has a PhD from UCL in Statistical Sciences, looking into MCMC algorithm applied to diffusion processes.

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User-centred Analysis and Visualisation

Emma Cosh, Analytics & Data Visualisation Consultant

Abstract: If the purpose of analysis and visualisation is to inform people and drive actions, how do you ensure your work has the best chance of succeeding. This talk introduces a framework and some tips and tricks for putting users at the heart of data visualisation and making it as engaging as possible.

Bio: Emma is a freelance analytics and data visualisation consultant. Her work has been featured in The Guardian and Tor.com, and been long listed for The Information is Beautiful Awards. She started out in operational research and statistics, and gradually shifted from building models and leading analytics teams to communicating and visualising data, making it easy to understand and beautiful to look at.

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Ethics and Fairness in AI: A Systemic Approach

Didier Vila, Global Head of Data Science, Quantumblack, London

Abstract: This workshop will be focused on ethics and fairness, areas that are becoming increasingly more important for industrial applications. There will be knowledge sharing between industry and academia through a use case, which will highlight the great opportunities between quantitative accuracy, ethics and fairness and how to manage this potential trade-off. The session will enumerate the critical underlying risks, mitigations and practical checklists that have been formalised at QuantumBlack.

Bio: Didier leads Quantumblack’s global Data Science practice, bringing more than 10 years of experience applying data science to pressing business challenges across industries. Didier leads and supports a team of more than 40 data scientists worldwide. His driving passion is to deliver tangible impact for clients through data science, while creating a positive and rewarding environment for the development of each of our data scientists.

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Movement Insights – Measuring the Performance of Bath’s High Street

Allison Herbert, the CEO of Bath Business Improvement District
Simon Babes
, Managing director at Movement strategies

Abstract: Bath Business Improvement District (BID), together with city stakeholders and Bath & North East Somerset Council, are pioneering the use of Movement Insights, a new SaaS product developed by Movement Strategies Ltd. The web-based dashboard provides the BID access to a range of tailored insights to measure the performance of the city centre from a new perspective, focusing on the behaviour of people including residents, employees and visitors.

Movement Insights brings together a number of rich data sets including Mobile Network Operator (MNO) data, credit/debit card transaction data, footfall data, public Wi-Fi data and sentiment analysis. The paper provides a brief overview of the data sets, the methodology and the product, as well as focusing on the value of the insights to the Bath BID and their stakeholders.



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Jumping Rivers

Jumping Rivers is an analytics company whose passion is data and machine learning. We help our clients move from data storage to data insights.

Jumping Rivers has delivered quality data insights from day one. Based in Newcastle and founded in 2016, the company is bringing a fresh approach to the world of data analytics. Our trainers and consultants come with over 40 years combined experience in R, Python, Stan, Scala and other programming languages. We have worked with some of the largest (and smallest) companies in the world. We are proud to have unique working partnerships with RStudio, Microsoft, Royal Statistical Society and Code Clan.



ORH helps emergency services around the world to optimise resource use and respond in the most effective and efficient way. We have set the benchmark for emergency service planning, with a proven approach combining rigorous scientific analysis with experienced, insightful consultancy. Our expert team uses sophisticated modelling techniques to identify opportunities for improvement and uncover hidden capacity. Simulating future scenarios ensures that solutions are objective, evidence-based and quantified.

Every organisation faces a unique set of challenges, so remaining independent and flexible allows us to deliver an appropriate solution every time. The outputs of our work enable clients to make robust, data-driven decisions and explain them clearly to stakeholders. ORH’s approach is always tailored to the needs of the client.  Above all, we are committed to getting it right, for the good of our clients and the people who rely on their services.


Mezzo Labs

Mezzo Labs is a web analytics agency. We analyse digital marketing data. We love it, and we’re pretty darn good at it too. We use data to help you make smarter decisions. Mezzo Labs consultants will help you use data to transform the performance of your digital team. We cut through the noise and present those gems of information that are most valuable to you. We help you define and measure success in your digital channel so you can stop doing marketing that doesn’t work, and start doing more stuff that does. We also put you in the powerful position of understanding how your customers are thinking and acting online. Priceless. Based in London and Hong Kong, we are experts in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Tableau and a host of specialist tools.