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To submit a training course bid, you must:

  1. download the training agreement contract
  2. calculate fees using our latest training fee guide (below)
  3. download the training course bid form
  4. submit a signed agreement and completed bid form. You can do this via the 'Contact our Training Administrator' form on the page
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Contact our Training Administrator

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1. Training Agreement

To submit a training bid, you must be prepared to read and sign the Training Agreement contract.

2. Training Fee Guide

Inclusions / Exclusions

Before deciding on your fee structure, it is important to understand the type of course you are proposing.

Where the fee is ‘for tuition’, it shall include tuition, visual aids and the provision of course texts and materials only. The OR Society shall provide at its expense a venue, whiteboard, flipcharts, projectors, computers and other necessary equipment, meals and refreshments for delegates and speakers, and shall reimburse reasonable travel and subsistence expenses for speakers. It is important to note this last point as allowance for these costs should not be included in your fees.

Where an ‘all in’ fee is quoted, it shall include for the provision by the Course Provider of tuition, course texts and materials, venue, visual aids, projectors, computers and other necessary equipment, meals and refreshments for delegates and speakers, payment of speakers' expenses and provision of all necessary accommodation for speakers.

Fee Calculation

A provider’s fees for a course are made up of two elements: 1. a fixed element, and 2. a variable, per delegate element. In order to ensure that the risk / reward of putting on the course is shared to an extent, the Society imposes a constraint on the allowable values of these elements. For courses running in the Year 2018, providers will be paid in accordance with the formula

Fee = a + bx; b > 0.2a,

where x = no of delegates, and a, b are to be quoted by the provider in accordance with the constraint. Naturally, the fees charged to delegates will reflect the provider’s fees, higher provider’s fees leading to higher delegate fees. In the event of a, b being set so high as to render it unlikely that the provider’s courses could be run at any reasonable level of delegate fee, the Society might for that reason decline to include a provider’s courses in the programme.

For ‘tuition’ courses, the society calculates the daily delegate fee (for members) based on the assumption of 4.8 delegates attending each course. It then adds a fixed sum of £260 per day to cover its overheads. If a course is ‘hands on’ and requires the society to provide laptop computers in addition to the standard equipment, a further £50 is added.


As a general rule, the Training Working Group (TWG, which assesses the training proposals each year) is uncomfortable with fees that calculate to over £600 per day (for ‘tuition only’ courses). There may be valid reasons reasons why this is so, and it would be advisable to communicate this with your proposal.

3. Submit a training bid

Please complete the Training Course Detail form. This form is used to record all the necessary details concerning the course you are proposing. 

To assist the Society in preparing promotional activity about your course, please provide as much detail as possible including your social media details such as Twitter username.

The Training Fee Guide (below) lays out guidance on calculating fees for proposed training courses. Please use it to calculate the fees you would like to recommend for your course.  

When you have completed the Training Course Details and Training Agreement forms, please return them to the OR Society office training [at]

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