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If the Cap FitsMichael Mortenson01/09/201501.0
Pro Bono OR Consultancy TipsIan Seath and Jane Parkin18/09/201701.0
ORiS School Visit Request FormSophie Parker05/09/201701.2
ORiS Outline of games and workshops ran by The OR SocietySophie Parker05/09/201701.2
ORiS Volunteer Sign Up FormSophie Parker05/09/201701.1
OR59 Titles and Abstract Text (PDF)OR59 Committee10/08/201701.9
OR59 Schedule of Talks (PDF)OR59 Committee18/08/201701.8
OR59 Practical Information + LinksOR59 Practical Information + Links25/08/201701.0
Inside O.R. September 2017Various24/08/201701.0
The OR Society Annual Report and Accounts for 2016Gavin Blackett01/06/201601.0
The OR Society Annual Report and Accounts for 2015Gavin Blackett01/06/201501.0
OR59 Poster Guidelines (Word)OR59 Committee03/08/201701.1
OR59 Poster Guidelines (PDF)OR59 Committee03/08/201701.1
Pro Bono OR Case Study- Creating a Performance Management DashboardHope Meadows09/08/201701.0
Inside O.R August 2017Various01/08/201701.0

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