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OR Society Governance

Prize Draw Policy 16/05/201801.0
The OR Society Annual Report and Accounts for 2016Gavin Blackett01/06/201601.0
The OR Society Annual Report and Accounts for 2015Gavin Blackett01/06/201501.0
CMS response to HEFCE REF consultation March 2017Council for Mathematical Sciences05/04/201701.0
The OR Society 2014 Salary SurveyGavin Blackett01/06/201501.0
The OR Society Business Plan 2015-2017Gavin Blackett23/12/201501.0
OR Society Constitution 2015Gavin Blackett06/08/201501.0
AGM 2015 - Notice of MeetingGavin Blackett04/06/201501.0
Minutes of the 2014 OR Society AGMGavin Blackett04/06/201501.0
Proposed Amended OR Society Constitution 2015Gavin Blackett04/06/201501.0
The OR Society Annual Report and Accounts for 2014Gavin Blackett04/06/201501.0
The OR Society Business Plan 2014-2016Gavin Blackett09/04/201501.0
General Council Nominations Form 2014Gavin Blacett21/08/201401.0
The OR Society Annual Report and Accounts for 2013Gavin Blackett12/06/201401.0
ERC - Roles & Responsibilities: Special Interest GroupsNoel Corrigan31/07/201301.0

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