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EURO Conferences

EURO workshop - Who do you think you are?Frances O'Brien08/09/201501.0
Life Beyond Financial Services: Analytical Lessons From ManufacturingGillian Groom24/08/201501.0
Intelligent Designs Systems approaches to understand Policy Rationales and Objectives.Ian M Mitchell FORS20/08/201501.0
Academic-Practitioner BazaarJane Parkin10/08/201501.0
Xpress-Mosel: Modelling for Distributed and Cloud ComputingSusanne Heipcke06/08/201501.0
Advances to modelling and deploying optimization applications with XpressZsolt Csizmadia, Andy Harrison and Susanne Heipcke06/08/201501.0
Robust Optimisation with Xpress-MoselA. Harrison, P. Belotti, Y. Colombani, Z. Csizmadia, S. Heipcke, S. Lannez06/08/201501.0
Advances and Research Challenges in Nonlinear Optimisation with FICO Xpress Optimization SuiteP. Belotti, Y. Colombani, Z. Csizmadia and C. Meszaros06/08/201501.0
Efficient modelling and solving of non-linear optimization problemsZsolt Csizmadia and Susanne Heipcke06/08/201501.0
Optimising the real world, robustlyAndy Harrison06/08/201501.0
Design Thinking Workshop - Making an Impact - EURO2015Geoff Royston20/07/201501.0

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