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Special Interest Groups

Getting the best out of Forecasting SoftwareRobert Fildes and Nikos Kourentzes13/12/201801.0
Data Driven HRHazel Challenger29/11/201801.0
Analytics Network Winter Event Full slidesColin Stewart, Kasia Kulma, Ines Marusic, Thinh Ha 29/11/201801.0
Prison Fellowship - Restorative Justice ProgrammeAlison Browne23/11/201801.0
Early intervention foundation work on gang and youth violenceTom McBride23/11/201801.0
Relations With Funders Event: Katherine Duerdin's Presentation Katherine Duerdin26/10/201801.0
Relations With Funders Event: Tom McBride's Presentation Tom McBride26/10/201801.0
Relations With Funders Event: Ruth Kaufman's Presentation Ruth Kaufman26/10/201801.0
The significant loose ends of systemic leadership? A personal story of complexity, systems thinking, OR, innovation and the scope for public policy learningCatherine Hobbs03/10/201801.0
Reg Soc & SIG Twitter TipsLouise Allison03/07/201501.2
Hotels close to University of WarwickSue Shaw18/09/201801.0
Alberto Franco presents Group Decision MakingAlberto Franco13/09/201801.0
AS18: Understanding Crowd DynamicsProf Dr G Keith Still26/06/201801.0
AS18:Building a Big Data EnvironmentRomi Kukreja20/06/201801.0
AS18: All you need is AI…(and a good strategy plan)Appolo Tankeh and Thomas Ward14/06/201801.1

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