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AS18:Building a Big Data Environment

AS18:Building a Big Data EnvironmentRomi Kukreja20/06/201801.0

AS18:Building a Big Data Environment

Romi Kukreja

Mini Abstract:
Traditional data warehouses are based on a classic pattern where data from multiple operational and business systems is extracted, transformed and loaded into a data warehouse having a pre-defined data model. The data is then used to analyse, compare and report on business performance over time but what to do when data is being created by different mobile apps, web sites, sensors where there is no structure and no pre-defined data models? The development of big data platforms provides the required infrastructure for processing, storing and manage large volumes of data, being it structured, semi-structured or unstructured without the imposition of a common data model. This session will walk you throughout an implementation of a big data solution. It is not just about keeping the data differently, i.e., new technology. It is a business transformation, there are new skills, new approaches, new ways of working to be absorbed by the business and its people.

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