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Awards - President's Medal

The President’s Medal is one of The OR Society’s most prestigious awards, and we’re inviting entries for the competition.

The President’s Medal is awarded for the best practical application of O.R. submitted to the competition (a wide definition of O.R. is used). Entries are welcomed from both industry based O.R. workers and consultants as well as from academics. One of the main qualifications for entry is that the work has been implemented before submission. If you’re thinking of giving a case study based paper at our annual conference, why not consider aiming a bit higher and going for the President’s Medal?

Criteria for judging include:

  • The level of demonstrable benefit
  • The intellectual and novel content of the solution
  • The likely longevity of the solution
  • The excellence of the O.R. process

Citation President's Medal 2015

Gilbert Owusu, Sid Shakya (NOT ATTENDING), Raphael Dorne, Ahmed Mohamed, Ali McCormick, Anne Liret
(All British Telecom)

The Telecom Team and Ruth Kaufman

This was a particularly competitive year for the President’s Medal. Like all the finalists, the BT entry addressed both technical issues and culture change, demonstrated impact that shows every promise of being long-lasting; showed a flexible and adaptable approach to the presenting challenge; tackled an important problem and had a ringing endorsement from the top managers who had commissioned the work.

This award to the  BT team recognises the sheer excellence of the all-round OR process, working with stakeholders from shop floor to top management, providing strong technical solutions adapted to the needs of the users, and really making a difference. Congratulations go to all participants.