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Careers Open Day

The OR Society’s Annual Careers Open Day

Tuesday 27 November 2018
The Repertory Theatre, Birmingham
10am to 4pm

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The OR Society’s Careers Open Day provides an opportunity for employers looking to recruit staff within operational research (OR), analytics, data science and other related fields to connect with upcoming or recent graduates. The day attracts more than 400 students eager to meet with prospective employers and network with like-minded people. More than 30 exhibitors will be on hand to help students jump-start their career search, as well as a full programme of talks providing first-hand experience, career advice and case studies. See videos of the talks from our Careers Open Day 2017.

Are you a student who is thinking of a beginning career in OR? Come to our Careers Open Day and let us help! The day will feature activities such as:

  • Listen to talks on OR with interesting case studies.
  • Find out how to apply for an OR, analytics, or data science roles.
  • Meet employers and see how areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data could be part of your new job.
  • Hear graduates’ experiences of working in OR and analytics.
  • Enjoy free lunch and coffee.

Careers Open Day 2018 Programme (PDF)

Careers Open Day exhibitors for 2018

To receive more information contact Amy Hughes

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