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Beale Lecture (Operational Research Society)
London UK. SW1Y 5AG
21 Feb 2019
NATCOR Course - Stochastic Modelling
Lancaster University
01 - 05 Apr 2019
New to OR 2019 (Operational Research Society)
Birmingham UK. B4 7ET
10 - 11 Apr 2019
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Special Interest Meetings



Tue 20 Jun

  Criminal Justice
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The Annual Analytics Summit 2018

Download Slides from AS18

Tuesday 12 June 2018

IET London,
Savoy Place, London WC2R OBL

The 2018 Annual Analytics Summit brought together speakers and exhibitors from the very cutting edge of analytics to deliver a one-day event that proved to be a one-stop shop for learning about how big data & analytics are shaping the future of organisational decision making. Filled with case studies, new innovations and strategies on how to turn data to effective decisions, the 2018 Annual Analytics Summit was not an event to miss.
The aim of this annual event is to demonstrate, by way of case examples, how developments in analytics are leading to increased competitive advantage. The 2018 programme presented business-relevant case studies and highlight the value-creation opportunities of analytics before moving delegates into a choice of afternoon workshops to find out details about particular techniques or methodologies used.
2018 Programme and Videos:
Videos of the event are available via the following links:
Morning talks:

Afternoon workshops:

  • Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still & Marcel Altenburg (Manchester Metropolitan University): Understanding Crowd Dynamics
  • Helena Guerra (Senior Manager, Big Data Technology at Vodafone): Building a big data environment
  • Michael Mortenson & Eduardo Cortes (University of Warwick): Interactive Data Visualisation for Agile Analytics
  • Dr Lou Martingale & Julie Manuel (DSTL): Gaining the Battle-Winning Edge with Data Science

Closing Plenary:

Download the Slides:
Download all the talks’ slides from our Document Repository

For any enquiries please email: