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Information for Stream Organisers, Presenters and Keynote Speakers

It is not compulsory to produce a full paper in order to present at the conference.
The OR Society are sorry but they are unable to pay for Keynote speakers to attend the conference.  

Stream Organisers

Stream Organisers Please find below information for Stream Organisers. Stream Organisers should also read the Information for Presenters and Keynote Speakers, below.


Please find below Information for Presenters. This should also be read by Stream Organisers.

Poster Presentations

Full Guidelines can be seen here – NEW to OR 2019 Poster Guidelines – full information (PDF)

Remember to :

  • Submit a Title and Abstract (150 words max.) to the Poster Presentations stream.
    Deadline for submission of title and abstract is no later than 15 February 2019 -  please note: the reduced registration rate is only available up to 13 February 2019.
  • When your poster has been ‘Accepted’, register and pay online to attend and present your Poster. 
  • Be sure to bring a printed copy of your poster and poster fasteners (such as Velcro) with you to the conference.
  • If you wish to take your poster home, bring something that you can carry it in.


Keynote Speakers

Please find below Information for Keynote Speakers Producing a Written Paper. This should also be read by Stream Organisers.


Keynote authors wishing to use LaTex to submit their full paper or extended abstract, should download the .zip file below and use its contents to create a .pdf that they then email to the New to OR 2019 Keynote Editor, Ahmed Kheiri at: