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OR60 - Making an Impact #MAI60

Focused Sessions for Consultants, Analysts and Decision Makers

– and anyone with a passion for making the world work more effectively.

  • Is your day-job all about helping make organisations more effective?
  • Does your work involve you in helping others make better decisions?
  • Do you want to be more successful by marketing yourself and your team better?

OR60 is the UK’s biggest conference of O.R./analytics professionals, academics and practitioners. It will be packed with activities aimed at helping everybody to become more successful in making an impact in their work. MAI sessions are predominantly on Wednesday 12 September 2018 however, when our programme is available, don’t forget to check out our other conference days for other relevant sessions.

The Making an Impact (MAI) sessions at the conference are designed to meet the needs and interests of practitioners as well as academics and are now a regular feature of our national conference. The concept has proved very successful in previous conferences and at OR60 we plan to build on what’s gone before whilst also giving the opportunity to explore new ideas.

Read on to see what is planned for our programme this year and don’t forget to attend the final of the President Medal competition which showcases the best implemented applications of OR and Analytics.

Practice: Grand Challenges – with a twist! Working with leaders of the local community to scope out current challenges, possibly environmental where OR may potentially have a positive and significant impact. Previous ‘grand challenges’ led to projects taken forward either Pro Bono or funded. The twist? … to offer MAI delegates the opportunity for training in soft OR approaches (e.g. Rich Pictures) and to apply this training immediately in contributing to the facilitation of the Grand Challenges session.

A Mini Hackathon: Hackathons are gaining momentum as a powerful way to unlock ideas and move forward on a challenge in a short spell of time. People with different skills will work together in small teams on a challenge, accessing data, technology and brainpower to find a fun and interesting solution. The MAI event will be an opportunity to find out more about hackathons through experiencing a practical taster session.

Networking with Impact: Specifically designed sessions which will help you quickly identify who are you most likely to want to talk to at the conference. How about starting those conversations before you even get to the conference? Instead of posters, there will be a Pecha Kucha session: we would like to challenge you to explain your work in 20 slides x 20 seconds a slide!

Developing Your Career as an OR / Analytics Professional: The Society now offers industry recognised professional qualifications, such as Accreditation and Chartered Scientist, each with several levels of achievement, as well as the newly launched CAP (Certified Analytics Professional). This session will aim to give guidance on which route might be the best for your career.

OR and People: Get it Done Workshop: Have you ever felt a bit unmotivated? As if your productivity is slipping? This interactive 90 minute Creative Edge session aims to help you ‘Get it Done’! The session covers four key areas and each attendee will have a clear set of actions to take back to their desk and use straight away to make their work more productive and their workstack more manageable.

OR and People: Behavioural OR and the Public Sector Scorecard: In this interactive workshop participants will learn how to use the Public Sector Scorecard (www.publicsectorscorecard. to help develop strategy, improve outcomes, and evaluate progress both for individual organisations and across organisational boundaries. The Public Sector Scorecard explicitly incorporates behavioural factors both in the framework itself and in its interactive workshop-based approach involving staff, service users and other key stakeholders.

Analytics: Panel Session: Introducing AI What is artificial intelligence? What it is not? If you are not sure then this session is for you. A panel of knowledgeable people from all walks of operational research and analytics life will answer your pre-submitted and live questions. Come and listen to their take on what AI is, how it is feeding operational research and analytics and where it is going to take us in the future.

Analytics: A Gentle Introduction to Data Science: Data science, data visualisation and machine learning are some of the most widely used terms in the industry. What are the challenges that data scientists face when they approach a problem? Tackle such a problem by breaking it down into steps and setting a number of questions then using simple yet powerful data visualisation and machine learning techniques we will enhance our understanding of the data as well as gain some insights that can assist decision making and drive growth.

OR and People: Finding Your Strengths: To get the most out of people, you must build on their strengths. Rather than focus on strengths, many assessments are designed to find and plug “gaps”. Strengths-based approaches to development are an alternative way and have gained support over the last decade as potentially a more effective way of improving workplace performance. Participants in this workshop will be asked to complete an online assessment to produce an individualised report on your dominant strengths. We explore how this information can be used in practice and how to harness this to “find your edge” at work.

Waiting for MODot: What Should We Do If The Decision Maker Doesn’t Come? The aim of this workshop is to explore how we as analysts engage with decision makers, looking at:

  • different types of argument (data and evidence versus model and assumptions)
  • presenting an argument to different types of decision maker
  • dealing with a decision maker indirectly via their representatives
Using characters and selected scenes from Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot, to help illustrate these points.

Agent-Based Simulation in Action: This specially designed workshop will showcase some of the key components of agent-based simulation modelling in supporting decision making made in uncertain conditions. Our game will be located in the intriguing world of Cryptocurrencies and make use of the AnyLogic simulation package. Participants working in teams will use simulation to progressively improve their decision making over several rounds.

Full information of each topic will follow.

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