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SW18 – Sponsors and Exhibitors

On the forms below we are offering the chance to have a stand at the conference and to include the name and details of your company in the conference proceedings, final programme and the website. This is an opportunity to highlight your products and services to a wide audience with a specific interest in discrete-event simulation.

There are other options for increasing visibility and so if you would like to Sponsor or Exhibit, please see the Forms below.

Please take a moment to learn more about our supporters below

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory Dstl is an Executive agency of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and exists to supply the very best, impartial, scientific and technical research and advice to the MOD and Other Government Departments. Dstl tackles some of the most challenging science and technology problems facing the UK Government and we have developed some exciting solutions. Our work is highly valued by all those we work with, who depend on our advice being the very best for when it really matters. Dstl is the centre of scientific excellence for the UK Ministry of Defence, housing one of the largest groups of scientists, analysts and engineers in public service in the country.
Its 3,500-strong workforce includes some of the nation’s most talented and creative scientists.

Strategy Dynamics Ltd provides the tools and courses for building Dynamic Business Models - in management terms "Living Business Models" - working, quantified simulations that match real-world enterprises or their challenges. These models explain exactly how the business system works and performs, including all interdependencies, thresholds and intangible factors, project how it will likely perform, enabling management to plan and manage the future as it unfolds.
(See  The underlying science, system dynamics, is well known, but until now has been too complex to achieve widespread adoption. We have made three important advances ... [a] an 'agile' methodology that makes the model building process simple and reliable, see and [b] easy-to-use software that enables model-building with management in real-time, see and and [c] detailed and extensive online courses on how to build and use these models, see  
Join us at our workshop at SW18 to learn just how powerful and practical the Strategy Dynamics tool-set can be. 

Since 1994 SIMUL8 Corporation has been producing powerful, intuitive simulation software. From strategic to operational, our powerful simulation software can handle as much complexity as you need it to, meaning you get the results you need to make decisions fast. SIMUL8's powerful solutions have already helped global industry leaders transform their organizations and achieve higher levels of performance. From single user licenses to application development frameworks, we have the simulation product to fit your needs.
Drop by our table at SW18 to see SIMUL8 in action or visit

Saker Solutions Limited
is an independent supplier of simulation software, training and consultancy services.
Saker’s employees apply experience gained within the simulation industry, over the past 30 years, to a wide range of clients in the industrial and commercial sectors worldwide, providing tools which support their operational and strategic decision making.
The experience within Saker Solutions allows it to recommend the right solution for each client, whether that is a product or service based solution. Operating in partnership with a variety of organisations worldwide, Saker is able to provide the right software to support a client’s requirements, together with the appropriate training and support.  If required, Saker has a team of experienced simulation consultants who are able to deliver projects in a variety of simulation tools, to ensure that its clients get the right solutions for their requirements.  Saker Solutions expertise covers simulation products including; Anylogic; Avert; Flexsim; Simul8; Witness; and ExpertFit.
Saker Solutions underpins its simulation offers with the provision of innovative solutions utilising the latest technologies in Business Analytics, ‘Big Data’ Management and interactive planning tool. This includes applications such as SakerGrid, which significantly reduces the timeframe for users to undertake model experimentation and various decision support applications, where Saker has used its experience to develop operational systems, providing a dynamic solution to planning and scheduling issues.

Saker Solutions prides itself on building lasting relationships with its clients.  Success in Saker can only be measured by the success of its clients in realising benefits from implementing simulation within their organisation.  For more information on the products and services offered by Saker Solutions, please visit or call us directly on +44(0)1789 762255.

Few process related decisions are straightforward. Changes in one area of a process will impact other areas – often in ways not anticipated. Link2 as UK and Irish Arena Partners, have extensive experience promoting the utilisation of Arena Discrete Event Simulation (DES) Software by Rockwell Automation to simulate processes and evaluate the full implication of decisions before they are put into practice.

Arena DES has a strong global presence with over 900 academic institutions and the majority of Fortune 100 companies utilising the tool. It’s therefore no surprise that there is a plethora of documented success and the tool maintains a respected academic pedigree. So, regardless of whether DES is performed as part of an Academic Research or Commercial Project, Link2 are in a unique position to discuss the benefits and provide the appropriate Arena Licence (functionality), tailored training packages (all skill levels) and consultancy support (ad-hoc/turnkey).

Furthermore, Arena plays a strategic role in Link2’s wider product offering. Once DES identifies ‘Strategic’ or ‘Operational’ business advantages, we provide cost-effective and specifically tailored solutions to challenges faced by modern industry through a combination of market leading IT products coupled with our own in-house Software, Automation and Installation teams.

Taylor & Francis boasts a first-class journal portfolio publishing Manufacturing and Operational Engineering articles as well as a wide range of scholarship from related disciplines. Our journals are edited by some of the most prominent academics in the world and offer a variety of accommodating options for our authors. Our prominent journals include International Journal of Production Research, Production & Manufacturing Research: An Open Access Journal and INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research. Taylor & Francis are proud to announce that from January 2018, they will be the new publisher of the Operational Research Society journals.