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What Does Membership Cost?

Standard full membership of the OR Society is £81.00 annually (if you make a one off card payment) or £73.50 (£6.10 monthly) if you choose to pay by direct debit.  Alternatively you can request an invoice.

The student membership is FREE.

If you are living abroad and are a member of your local OR Society, you may also join the UK OR Society for the reduced fee of £54.

To join online, go to Become a member.

In addition to membership, there are various grades of accreditation, which you may optionally join, offering a type of professional qualification. We're all used to the idea of having qualifications entitling us to put letters after our names - BSc, MSc and so on - to certify our educational achievements. Accreditation enables you to gain letters to go after your name to certify your achievements in your job. Given that employers are generally far more interested in your ability to deliver results in the job than to pass exams, accreditation is a highly valued addition to a degree. There are four grades of accreditation, Candidate Associate of The OR Society (CANDORS), Associate of The OR Society (AORS), Associate Fellow of The OR Society (AFORS), and Fellow of The OR Society (FORS). Fees vary from free for CANDORS to £72 for FORS. For more information go to Membership Grades, and to become accredited, go to Become Accredited.