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The Society's main function is to enable members to acquire, share and exchange knowledge. It does this by providing information and technical ideas through this website, through its many publications (all available online here), and through a full range of conferences and courses. You can put forward your own ideas through this site, and also via meetings of special interest and regional groups, and by exchanging papers and presentations. The society can also help you in your career, by advertising jobs, and providing contacts.

The ideals underlying the Society are like those of freeware and the non-commercial web, of members providing information freely for the general good, knowing that they in turn will benefit from the knowledge that others are prepared to share.

The following pages, on Membership benefits, Student membership benefits and What does it cost will provide you with more information, and you can join using Become a member. There are different levels of membership, appropriate for members with different levels of experience. Membership Grades will give you the necessary details to chose.