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As a step to promoting the OR Society site, join Facebook if you’re not already a member and choose to 'Like' us. Click here to find us, or in the ‘Search’ window in Facebook, type ‘The OR Society’ to find our page. You could also 'Share' us with your friends. We plan to keep our Facebook page updated with news of events and activities which you can then ‘like’ to spread the word.


This is the most popular of the social media and, as a website, second only to Google in terms of global traffic. Facebook is certainly more social than business but, as with Twitter, it’s also developing a professional perspective. For example, Facebook users can ‘Like’ (recommend) other professional people, companies, products and services. And as with Twitter, Facebook users can recommend their own books, papers, projects, blogs, and so on, and encourage other people to ‘like’ them. And so the message grows globally.