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Follow Us - Twitter

You can follow O.R. people on Twitter by clicking on the button above, or going to Twitter's application as a useful way of communicating about more professional matters to ‘followers’ is growing and one we can utilise. For example, if you’ve written a blog, article or paper you want people to read or recommend, you can include a link to it. The OR Society Twitter community is ideal for communications about O.R. projects, directing people to your papers or blogs, asking for advice, telling colleagues about new software, share what’s happening at conferences, jobs you’re looking for or trying to fill – and so on.

By following The OR Society on Twitter, your ‘Tweets’ about your work can be re-Tweeted by all our followers to widen communications. In due course, our Twitter presence could become a very effective way of communicating about O.R. and its power to a wide and relevant audience.

Each of our social media channels has the potential to reach different audiences – business, members, students, potential clients and students. Please take advantage of them and help to grow the profession and the Society. Happy social networking!