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A window on the world of O.R.?
The “invisibility cloak” of science fiction is now fact, albeit with limitations. O.R. could claim to have had the power of invisibility for years, though not by desire; what we want is the opposite - a high-visibility jacket! Indeed, part of the mission of the OR Society is to help make our presence more visible. But perception involves both the observed and the observer. And all of us have open and hidden parts.

YOR18 – OR – A Twenty Twenty Vision
The 18th Young [to] OR Conference got off to a great start with the plenary session given by the President of the OR Society, Dr Geoff Royston. Antuela Tako, the chair of the organising committee, began the proceedings by telling the audience what had been planned for them and how to find out more about streams.

The Education & Research Committee
- Roles and Responsibilities: Brian Dangerfield (Liaison with ESRC)
Ruth Kaufman, Inside OR February 2013

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  • Butterflies in the chest
    Scientists have combined the principles of the butterfly effect and computer simulation to explore new ways of predicting heart disease.
    Posted 02 July 2015
  • Graduate salaries fall
    Graduates in England have seen a fall in their median salary of more than £1,000 in the past five years, according to official statistics.
    Posted 25 June 2015
  • Artificial intelligence to predict deforestation
    Artificial Intelligence techniques can, when applied to satellite imagery, assist in the prediction of where deforestation will occur.
    Posted 17 June 2015
  • Cities that enjoy an economic advantage
    Cities that actively promote physical activities enjoy an economic advantage, research has suggested.
    Posted 16 June 2015
  • Football and rugby matches in 4K quality
    BT has announced it will be offering football and rugby matches in 4K quality from August.
    Posted 11 June 2015

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