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Upcoming Events

Blackett Lecture

Venue: Grocers’ Hall, London
Date: 26 Nov 2015

For more information please go the Blackett Lecture section of the website at

International Conference on Operational Research for Development 2015 (ICORD 2015)

Venue: Palm Village Hotel, Uswetakeiyava (North of Colombo) Sri Lanka
Speaker: Various
Date: 03 - 04 Dec 2015

Having started in 1992, ICORDs have been making impacts on IFORS in terms of its activities related to development and developing countries. Since 1992, it has been organised in Brazil, India, Italy, Philippines, South Africa, and Tunisia. ICORDs have been having participants from academic, research and practicing community with interest/ involvement/ experience in development related issues and/ or developing countries. As the workshop is rather intense in its deliberations, it usually has around 30 participants. Focussed areas include broader context of education, health, community welfare, energy, environment, urban planning, agriculture, and the like.

For more information please see

Connect BI

Venue: Rolls Royce, Derby
Speaker: Various
Date: 04 Dec 2015

Achieving success through data analytics

Business intelligence is a tool that companies have been employing for decades in various formats. However, as we move towards a digitised economy, servitized business model and a business world built on big data, BI is now a necessity for firms to remain competitive. Connect BI, at the Rolls Royce site in Derby, will reveal the best BI practice from leading professions across a range of industries. From how BI and IOT relate, to the need to utilize BI in the customer review process, this will be a day of insight and interest.

Will Statistics and Operational Research still be here in 2025?

Venue: Royal Statistical Society, 12 Errol Street, London EC1Y 8LX
Speaker: Various
Date: 04 Dec 2015

How should our professions react to a world in which digital services and new technologies are demanding new approaches from our established disciplines?

For more information please see

2015 Winter Simulation Conference

Venue: Huntington Beach, California
Date: 06 - 09 Dec 2015

The Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) is the premier international forum for disseminating recent advances in the field of dynamic systems modeling and simulation. In addition to a technical program of unsurpassed scope and quality, WSC provides the central meeting place for simulation practitioners, researchers and vendors. Research in modeling and simulation is propelled by fostering cross-fertilization between various disciplines. The conference website is at

2015 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM2015)

Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore
Speaker: Various
Date: 06 - 09 Dec 2015

You are invited to participate in The 2015 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. The conference will be held from 6 - 9 December, 2015 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The primary focus of the IEEM conference has been to bring together researchers, scholars and industry participants from all over the world to exchange and share their experiences and research results in all aspects of industrial engineering and engineering management.

For more information see

The International Conference on Multiple Objective Programming and Goal Programming (MOPGP)

Venue: Tlemcen, Algeria
Speaker: Various
Date: 13 - 15 Dec 2015

For more information please see the website

7th International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy

Venue: University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
Speaker: Various
Date: 15 - 18 Feb 2016

7th ICDDT, being the most innovative event, aims to provide an open and stimulating scientific and cultural exchange that will give all the participants the opportunity to share their experiences, foster collaborations across industry and academia and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe.

For more information please see

4th Biotechnology World Congress

Venue: University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
Speaker: Various
Date: 15 - 18 Feb 2016

This paramount international conference will bring an opportunity to researchers and decision makers in biotechnology to get their latest discoveries acknowledged on the global arena.

The conference that will continue for four days will take you to the voyage of knowledge providing you an opportunity to both foster collaborations and learn about the biotechnological advancements taking place in the international academic and corporate biotechnology communities.

For more information please see


Venue: Rome, Italy
Speaker: Various
Date: 23 - 25 Feb 2016

The purpose of ICORES is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in both advances and applications in the field of operations research. Two simultaneous tracks will be held, covering on one side domain independent methodologies and technologies and on the other side practical work developed in specific application areas.

More information:

8th IMA Conference on Quantitative Modelling in the Management of Health and Social Care

Venue: Asia House, London W1G 7LP
Speaker: Various
Date: 21 - 23 Mar 2016

The aim of the conference is to bring together health care managers, clinicians, management consultants, and mathematicians, operational researchers, statisticians, health economists, computing and data scientists from across the world with a view to bridging the gap between the respective communities and to exploring recent developments in quantitative modelling and identifying fruitful avenues for further research.

Further information
For further information on this conference, please visit the conference webpage:

Evostar 2016

Venue: Porto, Portugal
Speaker: Various
Date: 30 Mar 2016 TBC - 01 Apr 2016

EvoStar comprises of four co-located conferences run each spring at different locations throughout Europe. These events arose out of workshops originally developed by EvoNet, the Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing, established by the Information Societies Technology Programme of the European Commission, and they represent a continuity of research collaboration stretching back nearly 20 years. The four conferences include

  • EuroGP 19th European Conference on Genetic Programming
  • EvoCOP 16th European Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimisation
  • EvoMUSART 5th International Conference (and 12th European event) on Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design
  • EvoApplications 18th European Conference on the Applications of Evolutionary and bio-inspired Computation including the following tracks
    • EvoBIO Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning and Data Mining in Computational Biology
    • EvoCOMNET Application of Nature-inspired Techniques for Communication Networks and other Parallel and Distributed Systems
    • EvoCOMPLEX Applications of algorithms and complex systems
    • EvoENERGY Evolutionary Algorithms in Energy Applications
    • EvoFIN Track on Evolutionary Computation in Finance and Economics
    • EvoGAMES Bio-inspired Algorithms in Games
    • EvoIASP Evolutionary computation in image analysis, signal processing and pattern recognition
    • EvoINDUSTRY The application of Nature-Inspired Techniques in industrial settings
    • EvoNUM Bio-inspired algorithms for continuous parameter optimisation
    • EvoPAR Parallel and distributed Infrastructures
    • EvoRISK Computational Intelligence for Risk Management, Security and Defense Applications
    • EvoROBOT Evolutionary Computation in Robotics
    • EvoSTOC Evolutionary Algorithms in Stochastic and Dynamic Environments


More information can be found at


2016 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference (SpringSim'16)

Venue: The Westin Pasadena; Pasadena, CA, USA
Speaker: Various
Date: 03 - 06 Apr 2016

The 2016 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference (SpringSim'16) is an annual conference sponsored by SCS which covers state-of-the-art developments in computer simulation technologies, as well as scientific, industrial, and business applications. Areas covered include high-performance computing technologies, models and algorithms, GUI visualization technologies, communications and much more. Application disciplines covered include advanced telecommunication; computer systems; aviation and aerospace; environment; energy; and other industries. The conference includes keynote speeches presented by technology and industry leaders, technical sessions, professional development tutorials and seminars, as well as vendor exhibits. Scientists, engineers, managers, educators, and business professionals who develop or use computer simulation methodologies and tools are invited to participate and present original papers.

For more information see

Regional Studies Association Annual Conference 2016

Venue: Karl-Franzen-University, Graz, Austria
Speaker: Various
Date: 03 - 06 Apr 2016

The title of this year's conference is Building Bridges: Cities and Regions in a Transnational World

For more information please see

Simulation Workshop (SW16)

Venue: Ettington Chase Hotel, Stratford
Speaker: Various
Date: 11 - 13 Apr 2016

The OR Society's eighth biennial Simulation Workshop (SW16) brings together practitioners and academics working in the field of discrete-event simulation and related fields. The workshop provides an opportunity to exchange ideas on the current and future state-of-the-art in simulation and modelling.

For more information please go to the SW16 section on this website

2016 ACM SIGSIM Conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation (ACM SIGSIM PADS)

Venue: Banff, Alberta, Canada
Speaker: Various
Date: 15 - 18 May 2016

The ACM SIGSIM Conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation (ACM SIGSIM PADS) continues its reputation for high quality papers. SIGSIM PADS is the flagship conference of ACM's Special Interest Group on Simulation and Modeling (SIGSIM). The ACM SIGSIM PADS conference focuses on cutting-edge research that lies at the intersection of Computer Science and Modeling and Simulation (M&S).

For more information see

36th International Symposium on Forecasting

Venue: Santander, Spain, Palace de La Magdalena
Speaker: Various
Date: 19 - 22 Jun 2016

The International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) will be hosting their annual conference in Santander, Spain in June 2016. This will be our 36th year of hosting the premier forecasting conference.  The IIF produces this annual event, the International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF), which is recognized for consistently presenting important forecasting research by highly respected experts.  We anticipate 350-400 international attendees at the Santander conference.

For more information see

WMSCI 2016

Venue: Orlando, Florida, USA
Speaker: Various
Date: 05 - 08 Jul 2016


The purpose of WMSCI 2016 is to promote discussions and interactions between researchers and practitioners focused on disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary issues, ideas, concepts, theories, methodologies and applications. We are particularly interested in fostering the exchange of concepts, prototypes, research ideas, and other results which could contribute to the academic arena and also benefit business, and the industrial community.

What is WMSCI 2016?

WMSCI 2016 is an international forum for scientists and engineers, researchers and consultants, theoreticians and practitioners in the fields of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. The forum focuses into specific disciplinary research, and also in multi, inter, and trans-disciplinary studies and projects. One of its aims is to relate disciplines, fostering analogical thinking and, hence, producing input to the logical thinking.

For more information please go to


9th IMA International Conference on Modelling in Industrial Maintenance and Reliability (MIMAR)

Venue: Imperial College London, London, UK
Speaker: Various
Date: 12 - 14 Jul 2016

This event is the premier maintenance and reliability modelling conference in the UK and builds upon a very successful series of previous conferences. It is an excellent international forum for disseminating information on the state-of-the-art research, theories and practices in maintenance and reliability modelling and offers a platform for connecting researchers and practitioners from around the world.

For further information on the conference, including instructions for authors, please visit the conference webpage:

IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence

Venue: Vancouver, Canada
Speaker: Various
Date: 25 - 29 Jul 2016

IEEE WCCI has traditionally been the largest technical event in the field of computational intelligence, hosting three separate prestigious conferences (IJCNN, FUZZ-IEEE, IEEE CEC) under one roof. Over the years the event has provided a platform for highly acclaimed intellectuals from all over the world to discuss and present their research findings on computational intelligence. The organizing committee will put in place a rich and varied technical program which is designed to engage participants in cross-fertilization of ideas among the three big areas in computational intelligence.

For more information see

International Symposium on Military Operational Research (ISMOR)

Venue: Royal Holloway, University of London
Speaker: Various
Date: 26 - 29 Jul 2016

The 2016 International Symposium on Military Operational Research will be held at Royal Holloway, University of London, from 26 to 29 July 2016. Further details and online booking will be available at from January.

ISMOR is sponsored by MOD and strongly supported by the OR Society DSIG and by the US Military Operations Research Society. It is self-funding and non-profit making.

It would be good to see you there!

OR58 Annual Conference

Venue: The Portland Building, University of Portsmouth, University House, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth. PO1 2UP
Speaker: Various
Date: 06 - 08 Sep 2016

For more information on the OR Society Annual Conference (OR58) please go to

ANTS 2016 - Tenth International Conference on Swarm Intelligence

Venue: Brussels, Belgium
Speaker: Various
Date: 07 - 09 Sep 2016

Swarm intelligence is the discipline that deals with the study of self-organizing processes both in nature and in artificial systems. Researchers in ethology and animal behavior have proposed a number of models to explain interesting aspects of social insect behavior such as self-organization and shape-formation. Recently, algorithms and methods inspired by these models have been proposed to solve difficult problems in many domains.

ANTS 2016 will give researchers in swarm intelligence the opportunity to meet, to present their latest research, and to discuss current developments and applications.

More details and up-to-date information at

14th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN 2016)

Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Speaker: Various
Date: 17 - 21 Sep 2016

The 14th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN 2016) will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 17-21 September 2016. This biennial meeting brings together researchers and practitioners in the field of Natural Computing: the study of computational systems inspired by nature, including biological, ecological, physical, chemical, and social systems. This is a fast-growing interdisciplinary field, featuring a range of techniques and methods for dealing with large, complex, and dynamic problems with various sources of potential uncertainties.

PPSN 2016 will showcase a wide range of topics in Natural Computing including, but not restricted to: Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Neural Networks, Artificial Life, Swarm Intelligence, Artificial Immune Systems, Self-Organising Systems, Emergent Behaviours, Molecular Computing, Evolutionary Robotics, Evolvable Hardware and Applications to Real-World Problems. PPSN 2016 will also feature workshops and tutorials covering advanced and fundamental topics in the field of Natural Computing.

For more information please see