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Journal Paper or Article Submission

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Wed 03 Jun   OR and Strategy
Fri 05 Jun   Criminal Justice
Tue 21 Jul   Defence
Conferences & Events
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11th Metaheuristics International Conference (MIC'2015)
Agadir, Morocco
07 - 10 Jun 2015
University of Westminster, London, UK
10 - 12 Jun 2015
1st Annual Conference of the Tunisian Operational Research Society (TORS'15)
Sousse - Tunisia
12 - 14 Jun 2015
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O.R. Methods

The OR Society has commissioned a series of articles on some important O.R. Methods and techniques. We will gradually add to these to cover many of the main areas of O.R.  In some cases we have provided links on the front page of the article to further material on the topic. The sections currently available: