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Council for mathematical sciences

The OR Society also aims to promote O.R. by establishing and sustaining relationships with government and other groups and bodies working in similar areas. To further the first aim, it has become a member of The Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS).

The CMS provides an authoritative and objective body that exists to develop, influence and respond to UK policy issues that affect the mathematical sciences in higher education and research, and therefore the UK economy and society in general.

The Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS) was established in 2001 by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the Royal Statistical Society (RSS). The CMS comprises representatives and observers from the mathematical sciences community, including the Presidents and Chief Executives of these three societies. In 2008 the Operational Research Society became a Member of the CMS, along with the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.

To find out more about CMS, go to On that site, the objectives of CMS are given as follows:

  • to provide an expert advisory group on matters affecting the mathematical sciences in higher education and research in the UK;
  • to engage (proactively and responsively) with government and other decision-makers and to respond coherently and effectively to proposals in which the mathematical sciences in higher education and research in the UK have a role, or may be affected;
  • to engage with funding agencies for higher education and research on maintaining and improving a strong mathematics base in the UK;
  • to bring together the mathematical sciences community and facilitate communication between the community and other stakeholders to explore common issues and potential solutions;
  • to work as a complement to the Advisory Council on Mathematics Education (ACME) to promote good practice in mathematics education (including teaching, learning and the curriculum) at all levels and in all sectors of education; to work with the Maths Promotion Unit (MPU) to raise the profile of the mathematical sciences in the UK.