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Joint Mathematical Council

The OR Society is a Participating Society on the Joint Mathematical Council (JMC) of the United Kingdom. JMC was formed in 1963 to 'provide coordination between the Constituent Societies and generally to promote the advancement of mathematics and the improvement of the teaching of mathematics’. In pursuance of this, the JMC serves as a forum for discussion between societies and for making representations to government and other bodies and responses to their enquiries. It is concerned with all aspects of mathematics at all levels from primary to higher education. It meets three times each year to enable updating, responses to issues and discussion between Participating Societies and Observers. It sets up working parties to examine topics further as required. For more details about JMC, click here Currently JMC has 17 participating societies (mainly bodies directly concerned with mathematics and its teaching) and also 14 observers, including bodies with a wider remit (such as the Royal Society).

In 2002, JMC, working with the Royal Society, formed ACME (the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education). ACME enables an effective and constructive partnership between Government and the mathematics community. ACME aims to inform and advise the Department for Education (DfE) in order to assist in its drive to raise standards and promote mathematics at all levels within education. It seeks to complement and enhance, rather than replace, consultative procedures and aims for positive progress rather than routine opposition to change.