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O.R. in Schools – Volunteers

This page aims to provide support and resources for those volunteering to go into schools.

Would you like to volunteer to go into a school to talk about O.R?  This could be about your job and the maths you use, it could be a particular case study or you could help a teacher run an O.R. workshop using one of the resources from LearnAboutOR.

Here is a generic presentation which you may find useful in getting started.

Here is some feedback from previous school visits:

Naomi Crouch from British Airways spoke at the OR54 annual conference about the outreach work they do at BA and provides some useful tips when going into schools.


O.R. Outreach: British Airways' Experiences of Promoting O.R. at School, College and University
Naomi Crouch

Download   Download WMV version 195MB   (right click & "save target as / link as")
Download   Download AVI version 190MB

Becoming a STEM Ambassador is a great way to get extra support when visiting schools.  Find out more on our STEM Ambassadors page