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IAOR / Quick Literature Search - Online Access

to see IAOR Online, the Quick Literature Search.


This is only accessible to paying members of the Society. If you are a member and do not yet have your username and password please click here. If you have forgotten your login details, please click here.

Non-members who have registered with the website (e.g. as part of submitting an abstract, or booking a conference) do not have access to IAOR online. Membership subscription details can be found here.

IAOR / Quick Literature Search - Scope

IAOR Online, the Quick Literature Search

International Abstracts in Operations Research Online is the definitive database of the world's OR/MS literature. It consists of 68,000 abstracts from over 1200 individual journal titles, going back more than 25 years.


  • Search for and view abstracts
  • Find similar abstracts using IFORS' system of classification: each abstract is classified according to a table of 200 subjects and cross-referenced
  • Find abstracts by the same author through the "More Papers by…" feature.
  • Locate bibliographical information for the original article, including title, journal, volume, issue, year of publication and author names and affiliations.
  • Export references: export the citation of the abstract in RIS format. (RIS is a standardized tag format developed by Research Information Systems to enable citation programs to exchange data).
  • Link out from the IAOR abstract to the full text of the original work (you will require a subscription to the individual journal).

Print Issues of IAOR

International Abstracts in Operations Research is still available in print, publishing some 500 abstracts every 6 weeks, which have been scanned from 180 OR/MS journals by contributing editors from 44 countries.

IAOR publishes abstracts from journals worldwide and includes many, which are seldom covered elsewhere, thus providing a comprehensive synopsis of current operations research literature.

Many further abstracts are selected from supplemental and specialised journals, whenever these are in any way relevant to the philosophy, methodology, or practice of OR. This comprehensive coverage means that IAOR is unparalleled as a source of information about the worldwide OR/MS literature.

Each print issue of IAOR is organised into five parts: the Digest, Abstracts and Reviews, Journal Name Abbreviations, Author Index and Subject Index.

Placement of the abstracts is arranged according to four major divisions:

  • Process oriented
  • Application oriented
  • Technique oriented
  • Professionally oriented