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Research in Operational Research

Many members of the OR Society are actively involved in research activity.  As such it is not easy to gather this rich source of information in one place.   In a sense, all O.R. is creative research, but in this section we wish to highlight more fundamental development of methods. This page provides a gateway for users to identify where research in O.R. is being carried out and (as we develop this site) in which sectors.    This page also lists major projects where the OR Society has a recognizable stake.

Major research activity supported by the OR Society


The National Taught Course Centre in Operational Research (NATCOR) is a collaboration between ten universities, to develop and deliver taught courses in Operational Research (OR) to PhD students.  NATCOR is funded by EPSRC for the first five years of its life (October 2006 to September 2011) and is supported by the OR Society which is a collaborating

Links to Universities having significant research capability in Operational Research  

This note does not aim to be comprehensive, but if you believe that your research group should be included in this list, please contact

The next version of this list will aim to identify research areas at each University.