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Special Interest Meetings

Mon 14 Sep   Analytics Network
Mon 28 Sep   Analytics Network
Mon 12 Oct   Analytics Network
Tue 13 Oct   Third Sector OR
Fri 16 Oct   Decision Analysis
Fri 16 Oct   Behavioural OR
Fri 16 Oct   Defence
Fri 16 Oct   Public Policy Design
Mon 26 Oct   Analytics Network
Mon 09 Nov   Analytics Network
Wed 18 Nov   Criminal Justice
Mon 23 Nov   Analytics Network
Mon 07 Dec   Analytics Network
Conferences & Events
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Third Annual International Workshop on Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty
Deltares in Delft, the Netherlands
03 - 04 Nov 2015
Blackett Lecture
Grocers’ Hall, London
26 Nov 2015
International Conference on Operational Research for Development 2015 (ICORD 2015)
Palm Village Hotel, Uswetakeiyava (North of Colombo) Sri Lanka
03 - 04 Dec 2015


O.R. Archive

The world's only official national O.R. archive is the O.R. and OR Society Archive based at the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick. This archive, which was set up by, and is funded by, the OR Society, continues to grow. In addition to the early OR Society papers the archive contains several personal deposits, including one by the late Professor Steve Cook, and papers from many O.R. groups. These include British Gas, BOAC, the former Local Government O.R. Unit and recently, through the good offices of OR Society President Ian Disley, a large deposit from the former United Steel Company. Members of the Archives Committee are trying to track down material from the former Liverpool Gas, Light & Coke Co, which had one of the earliest postwar O.R. groups. Any leads would be welcomed.

Using the Archive in Person

There shouldn’t be any access restrictions on the archive material, but if you intend to visit, please email beforehand to check availability.

Visitors are not allowed down into the archive vaults to leaf through the contents, but must request items in the reception area. Boxes are brought up to the visitor for inspection here. Terminals allow the visitor to access the catalogue listings. MRC are currently upgrading their cataloguing software, and re-cataloguing their contents. When complete, this should give easier listings and make it faster to find specific items.

OR Archive on the web

The Operational Research and Operational Research Society Archive can be found at:

The Operational Research Society Archive can be reached at:

Contacting the OR Archive

Alternatively, contact the Archivists Christine Woodland or Helen Ford at:

Modern Records Centre,
University of Warwick Library
Coventry,  CV4 7AL
Telephone : 44(0) 24 7652 4219
Fax: 44(0) 24 7652 4211