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The OR Society - How to Get Involved

The Society employs a small staff of just eight people, providing admin support.  Everything else is dealt with by you, the members, volunteering to create a strong professional body.  There are a wide range of ways to get involved in the Society; some details are given below, and if you’d like to help, get in touch!

Board, General Council & Committees

The Society’s strategic direction is decided and put into practice by the group of volunteers that make up its various committees. Click here to see how the committees are structured.  The committees generally meet three times a year, with other business conducted electronically, and members will take on and execute the various necessary actions from the committee business.  Each year, new committee members are nominated to fill the advertised vacancies, and sit for a term of three years.  The vacancies are advertised in August & September each year.

Regional Societies

The regional branches of the Society exist to run local events and meetings of interest to its members in the particular region.  Each region has a small committee, including a treasurer, secretary and chair, responsible for devising and running the programme of meetings.  You could be involved by being part of the committee, giving a talk, or simply by attending one or more of the meetings.

Special Interest Groups

The Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, run in a very similar way to the regional societies – except their focus is on a particular sector (such as defence) or technique area (such as forecasting).  Again, you could help run a SIG, give a talk or simply attend.  And if there doesn’t appear to be a SIG that matches your particular interest, then form one!

Conferences and Other Events

The Society runs an annual conference every year (obviously!), a Young To O.R. conference every two years, a Simulation Workshop every two years and many other events such as the Careers Open Day.  All of these events have volunteer committees to run them, teams of stream organisers to help attract the ‘content’ and to help out during the events themselves.  Volunteers with ideas for new events or one-day meetings are also encouraged to come forward with their ideas and plans.

Inside O.R. News Magazine

Whilst the Society does employ a part-time journalist to provide material for Inside O.R., the magazine’s editor is a volunteer, and we encourage as many people as possible to submit articles.  Perhaps you’d be keen to co-ordinate a series of articles (such as O.R. in my Organisation) or simply tell the readership about your work or an event you’ve attended.


Here, volunteers make up the editorial teams running the Society’s six journals, and are backed up by a large pool of reviewers who assess the papers that are submitted for publication.  Editorial vacancies are advertised in Inside O.R.

Social Media

As with the more traditional channels mentioned above, the Society needs help to keep its social media groupings vibrant.  Read how you can contribute to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook here.