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Future Meetings

Criminal Justice Special Interest Group Summer meeting

Venue: London
Speaker: Various

The Criminal Justice special interest group's free summer meeting will be held in Central London on June 5th. We have 4 most interesting speakers lined up from the Ministry of Justice (Hayden Sansum), The Prisoner's Education Trust (Rod Clark), and Loughborough University (Melanie-Jane Stoneman and Heather Callaghan). Hayden's topic is 'You won't believe the impact these three Ministry of Justice Data Science projects had!' ; Rod will talk on the subject of 'Prison Process Breakout - bringing processes to support prison learning into the late 20th century'; Melanie-Jane will tell us about  the'Risk Assessment of detainees in Police Custody'; and Heather will describe her work on 'Resource Distribution in Police Custody'.

Contact for further details and to book a place