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Conference / Events

Analytics Event 2014
BMA House, Tavistock Square, London
30 April 2014

OR56 Annual Conference
Royal Holloway University of London, Egham.
9 – 11 September 2014

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
12 (welcome), 13 – 15 July 2015

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Special Interest Meetings

10 April   Analytics Network
30 April   Analytics Network
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Journal Paper or Article Submission

Training Calendar

2013 training course information is below. We also have the 2013 training course information available as a PDF. However course dates may change since its creation, so we always recommend double checking training course dates on this website.

February 2013
8 Feb Using Soft Systems Methodology
March 2013
6-7 Mar Supporting Strategy
12 Mar Improving Quality and Performance with the Public Sector Scorecard
13 Mar Business Intelligence Workshop
14 Mar Facilitation Skills
19-21 Mar Simulation: A Practical Guide to Developing and Using Models
April 2013
15-19 Apr Introduction to O.R. I
23 Apr Making Conversations more Effective
24 Apr Communicating Strategically to Influence People New
25-26 Apr Stakeholders Engagement
30 Apr-1 May How to Dynamically Design Supply Chains New
May 2013
8 May Designing Performance Measurement Systems using Analytics
14-15 May Introduction to System Dynamics and Strategic Modelling
21 May Performance Management with Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
29 May Decision and Risk Analysis
June 2013
5-6 Jun Expert Consulting for O.R. Professionals
13 Jun Benchmarking: Beyond Metrics
19-21 Jun Essential Financial Modelling in Excel New
July 2013
11 Jul Data Mining: Techniques and Applications
September 2013
11 Sep Introduction to Credit Scoring
16-20 Sep Introduction to O.R. II
October 2013
1 Oct Introduction to O.R. for Non-O.R. Professionals
8 Oct Fundamentals of Pricing Strategy and Revenue Management
9 Oct Practical Process Improvement Using Lean and 6-Sigma
16 Oct Introducing Social Media for Researchers and Consultants New
November 2013
5-6 Nov Agent-Based Modelling: What, When and Where
7 Nov Using Soft Systems Methodology
27-28 Nov The Collaborative Approach to Simulation Model Building