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Foundations of OR: Optismisation and (Meta-) Heuristics

  Ref. 617  
  Prof Victor Podinovski, Loughborough University
  30 January 2019, Birmingham
  £575 + VAT Members
  £625 + VAT Non-members



Many complex real-life decision problems involve some form of optimisation of the use of resources, production profiles, services, schedules, investment decisions and so on. Depending on the task, different optimisation approaches have been developed in the field of OR to address these needs.

This session looks primarily into linear programming, which is the most commonly used optimisation methodology. We also briefly discuss several other optimisation techniques. The focus of this session is on the modelling side of linear programming and practical solution of LP models.

The objectives for the day are to:

  • understand the main principles of optimisation and, in particular, linear programming;
  • understand different types of decision situations in which linear programming and other optimisation techniques can be applied;
  • obtain practical experience in the formulation of LP models and their solution using Excel Solver; and
  • appreciate the advantages and limitations of optimisation methodologies, and the extent to which they can contribute to practical decision making.

The topics covered will include:

  • linear programming models, objective functions, constraints;
  • assumptions (simplifications) accepted in LP;
  • using Excel Solver to solve an LP;
  • interpretation of the optimal solution, sensitivity analysis; and
  • other optimisation techniques, including heuristic methodologies.

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