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Conferences & Events
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Third Annual International Workshop on Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty
Deltares in Delft, the Netherlands
03 - 04 Nov 2015
Blackett Lecture
Grocers’ Hall, London
26 Nov 2015
International Conference on Operational Research for Development 2015 (ICORD 2015)
Palm Village Hotel, Uswetakeiyava (North of Colombo) Sri Lanka
03 - 04 Dec 2015
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Special Interest Meetings

Mon 12 Oct   Analytics Network
Tue 13 Oct   Third Sector OR
Fri 16 Oct   Decision Analysis
Fri 16 Oct   Behavioural OR
Fri 16 Oct   Defence
Fri 16 Oct   Public Policy Design
Mon 26 Oct   Analytics Network
Mon 09 Nov   Analytics Network
Wed 18 Nov   Criminal Justice
Wed 18 Nov   Analytics Network
Mon 23 Nov   Analytics Network
Mon 25 Nov   Analytics Network
Mon 07 Dec   Analytics Network
Thu 10 Dec   Analytics Network
Mon 14 Dec   OR and Strategy
Mon 21 Dec   Analytics Network
Mon 04 Jan   Analytics Network
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Journal Paper or Article Submission

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Trainers' Profiles

All the trainers teaching our training courses are listed below together with their profiles.

Bart Baesens

BART BAESENS is a Lecturer (Assistant professor), School of Management, University of Southampton who considers himself to be an applied researcher, where he has used selected quantitative information system (IS) research methods, as well as some quantitative IS research methods. Bart’s research interests have been in customer relationship management (CRM), information systems, business intelligence (BI) and machine learning has allowed him to keep foot into the basic research side of BI (mainly computer science) and the applied BI side (mainly the business and management information systems communities). Bart has developed credit scorecards for financial institutions (e.g. Axa, Dexia, KBC, Fortis, ING) customer retention models for retailing companies (e.g. Neckermann and Hubo), as well as web-intelligence models for e-commerce companies (e.g. Proxis and Under the Cork). This research has resulted in a number of publications in high-quality journals and/or conferences. Bart has also obtained a number of best-speaker awards when presenting his key findings (ef.infra). He is also regularly invited to organise courses, seminars and/or special sessions on business intelligence for international conferences or universities.

Rachel Bodle

RACHEL BODLE became increasingly interested in the social and political processes that accompany decision making when she was a statistician with British Coal. Subsequently, organisational change and learning were themes she pursued through a sabbatical at London Business School where she completed the Sloan Fellowship Programme. Now working independently with 13 years experience as a freelance consultant, Rachel draws on both ‘hard’ analytical and ‘soft’ people skills to encourage appropriate participation, stimulate high-quality thinking and motivate effective action. Her clients include private companies such as 3M, Calortex and Rank Hovis as well as public sector groups, including Business Link and the NHS.

Jenny Brightman

JENNY BRIGHTMAN is currently a director of Banxia® Software Ltd. Jenny has a background in consulting engineering, project management and strategic management research. Appointed as a Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde, Jenny worked with Professors Colin Eden, Kees van der Heijden and Dave Langford, devising a methodology incorporating the use of cognitive mapping, scenario development and Decision Explorer® , to provide a means of informing and supporting the strategic thinking of decision makers in construction organisations. Jenny has taught at both the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian University and has guest lectured at the University of Sheffield. She has tutored numerous public access and in-house client workshops on cognitive mapping and the use of Decision Explorer®.

Con Connell

CON CONNELL is Director of the Centre for Narrative Studies at The University of Southampton with many years experience of teaching at all university levels (including MBA). Con has researched and published in the area and is a long standing member of the ORS also having taught short courses on a variety of training topics.

Jonathan Crook

JONATHAN CROOK is a Professor and Director of the Credit Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh. He has researched into credit scoring since the late 1980s. He has many publications in this area including some with colleagues in the USA and is particularly interested in the incorporation of macroeconomic factors into credit risk modelling and reject inference. He currently has a grant from the Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC) to work on this. Together with Lyn Thomas and David Edelman he is coauthor of Credit Scoring and its Applications, SIAM 2002. The Credit Research Centre organises a biennial conference on credit scoring, the next being in August 2007.

Alastair Day

ALASTAIR DAY First degree in German and Economics – London University. MBA – OUBS (strategy, corporate finance, performance measurement, forecasting). Director of a leasing company, owner of a corporate lessor, advisor and broker – Systematic Finance plc. Associate lecturer at the OUBS on the MBA corporate finance course. Associate lecturer at the management school of the University of Surrey. Author of many financial publications.

Colin Elwood

COLIN ELWOOD is a seasoned data-warehousing consultant, with over 20 years experience in business modelling and analysis. He specialises in the design and implementation of OLAP and decision support systems, and believes in delivering sustainable solutions through skills transfer. Colin is a creative and versatile professional who combines excellent planning and negotiating skills with strong problem solving and leadership quality. Colin has managed and coached a number of data warehouse project teams, working mostly with blue chip client organisations in the financial services sector.

Alberto Franco

ALBERTO FRANCO is a Lecturer in Operational Research and Systems at Warwick Business School. He obtained a BSc in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Catolica ( Peru), an MBA from the Universidad del Pacifico ( Peru) and an MSc in Operational Research from Lancaster University. Previous to joining Warwick, Alberto held research posts at the London School of Economics and the University of Strathclyde, and a lecturing post at Kingston University. His research interests include the use of problem structuring methods for complexity, uncertainty and conflict; group model building and risk analysis. His current research work involves an investigation into the role of problem structuring methods for the development of interorganisational relations such as strategic partnerships and collaborations. The organisations for which Alberto has worked for in recent years include Whitbread, McMillan Cancer Research, London Printworks, Taylor Woodrow, Thames Water and bombardier.

Brendan Hickling

Brendan Hickling is an independent consultant with extensive experience in mediation, facilitation and training. His primary focus is in dispute resolution where he has worked as a mediator in community and education contexts and as a facilitator in government and industry sponsored processes. He is a practitioner of Strategic Choice and uses it as an interactive Problem Structuring Method. In the last couple of years Brendan has collaborated with business schools in both the Netherlands and Belgium to create a series of very successful training programs which cover all aspects of process design, event facilitation and conflict resolution.

Jonathan Klein

JONATHAN KLEIN is a Senior Lecturer in the Management School at The University of Southampton having published in the area of Soft OR. Jonathan also lectures in Risk analysis, Risk management, Decision-aiding, Decision-making, Management science systems and Information systems. Jonathan has many years experience of teaching at all university levels (including MBA).

Mike Moir

MIKE MOIR has a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Operational Research (Southampton University) having worked for British Nuclear Fuels and Plessey Electronics in Operational Analysis and Artificial Intelligence he went on to become Knowledge Director (Post Office/Consignia) and Head of Business Modelling (Royal Mail Group) heading up POCL’s Consultancy. Mike believed that the head of consultancy should not just send people on a consultancy course, but instead, personally lead them in that development. After going through a rigorous accreditation process he went on to delivering the 7Cs of Consultancy to people with backgrounds as diverse as OR, Change Management, HR, Marketing and Market Research, Pure Research and IT specialists.

As an OR professional Mike has found the course to be particularly useful in developing OR analysts.

Max Moullin

MAX MOULLIN is a principal lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and Director of its Quality Management and Performance Measurement Research Unit. He is a consultant and lecturer in quality and performance measurement in the public sector, including the use of the public sector scorecard which he has developed for the public and voluntary sectors. Max is a Director of South Yorkshire Excellence, a member of the EFQM Health Community of Practice, and an associate of Teal Consulting. He is author of the book Delivering Excellence in Health and Social Care and his article on Eight Essentials of Performance Measurement won an international literati ‘outstanding paper’ prize in 2005.

He is a Fellow of the OR Society and prior to joining the University worked in the OR groups of several government departments before becoming senior section leader in British Coal’s Operational Research Executive. He has delivered workshops on quality, excellence and performance measurement, for a wide variety of managers both in the public and private sectors. Previous workshops for the OR Society have all received excellent feedback.

Frances 0’brien

FRANCES 0’BRIEN is a Lecturer in Operational Research and Systems at Warwick Business School. She graduated with a BSc in Maths and Classical Studies from the University of Surrey and went on to take an MSc in Operational Research. She has been a lecturer in the ORS group since 1990, and has taught on a range of business modelling and strategic development courses for a wide variety of student groups from undergraduate to MBA. Her previous industrial experience is in business modelling with Ford Motor Company. Her main research interests lie in the area of strategic development. In particular, she has researched into the use of scenarios to capture uncertainty about the future, and the development of organisational visions for guiding strategic development.

Stewart Robinson

STEWART ROBINSON is a Senior Lecturer in Operational Research at Warwick Business School. He holds a BSc and PhD in Management Science from Lancaster University. Previously employed in simulation consultancy, he supported the use of simulation in companies throughout Europe and the rest of the world. His research interests are in finding ways to improve the use of operational research, and specifically simulation, within industry. He is author/co-author of three books on simulation modelling. Current work involves an investigation into the use of artificial intelligence to represent a human decision maker in simulation models, the analysis of complex output behaviours from simulations, and developing an understanding of quality in relation to operational research and simulation studies. Among the organisations for which Stewart has consulted are: British Telecom, British Airways, North West Water, Jaguar Cars, Ford Motor Company and the Health Service.

Gary Simpson

GARY SIMPSON has a Mathematics and Computer Science first degree and a PhD in Operational Research. He has worked jointly with Prof. Thanassoulis on the research using DEA on behalf of the Department for Education and Skills, in assessing school and pupil performance.

Emmanuel Thanassoulis

EMMANUEL THANASSOULIS Emmanuel is Professor of Management Sciences at Aston Business School, Aston University. He has an extensive research record and applications and teaching experience in comparative efficiency assessment methods with over 40 refereed academic publications in the area. He has authored Introduction to the Theory and Application of Data Envelopment Analysis: A foundation text with integrated software. (2001, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston.) He developed the Warwick DEA Software in the late 1980’s in collaboration with colleagues at Warwick University. He has acted as consultant on DEA to a variety of organisations, including the Home Office, HM Treasury, the Audit Commission, OFWAT, Transco and Severn Trent Water. His most recent appointment in the area is as director of a three-year project at Aston University, funded by the Higher Education Funding Council to use DEA and SFA to identify and disseminate good practice in central administrative services of universities. He successfully bid for a Training Package at Masters level in the methods of comparative efficiency measurement having set up and running the package which includes modules in DEA, econometrics for performance measurement and the use of DEA and econometric methods in real life applications. He is Joint Editor of the USA-based Journal of Productivity Analysis.

Lyn Thomas

LYN THOMAS is Professor of Management Science at the University of Southampton. He has been involved in modelling sequential decision problems such as maintenance and replacement and behavioural scoring for over 25 years. Lyn has written two books and 30 + papers on credit scoring; he is a consultant for various banks and credit scoring consultancies and has run a M.Sc. module on this subject at Southampton, Edinburgh and Lancaster.

Mark Westcombe

Mark Westcombe is an independent consultant for attivation and visiting lecturer at Lancaster University. He works principally with project teams in the early stages of a proposal and during project design and development. He works either as a facilitator using problem structuring methods to negotiate feasible action plans with project teams, or alongside a client working with stakeholders on a 1 to 1 basis with cognitive mapping. He has consulted for organistations such as Dstl, BAE SYSTEMS, Shoosmiths, EPSRC, Linc, Bombardier, and the Inland Revenue.

His teaching focuses on transferring the skills inherent to Problem Structuring Methods and facilitation, particularly Cognitive and Oval Mapping, and Strategic Options Development and Analysis (SODA). He also teaches SSM and facilitation courses to clients such as the NHS, QinetiQ and GORS. He also delivers 'off the shelf ' and bespoke training courses for commercial and public sector organisations such as Dstl and British Sugar in various PSMs as well as train groups in negotiation skills and decision making.

Queries Regarding Training Courses

If you are interested in further information, have any requirements (e.g. an alternative course date), or have difficulty booking a course online then please contact Jennie Phelps. It is recommended that courses are booked online. If this is not possible, then please print off, fill and fax or post the Training Course Booking Form.

Jennie Phelps   Address:  The OR Society, Seymour House, 12 Edward Street, Birmingham, B1 2RX, UK
  Tel: +44 (0)121 233 9300
  Fax: +44 (0)121 233 0321