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Which scheme suits you?

The OR Society offers three pathways for professional certification – the OR Society Accreditation, Chartered Scientist and Certified Analytics Professional.

These routes are not mutually exclusive, so you may pursue any or all of them. However, you may decide you are more suited to one than the others. The following summaries may help you decide:

The OR Society’s Accreditation Scheme

Any OR Society member with a relevant degree and a desire for professional development can embark upon the OR Society’s staged accreditation scheme, from Candidate (CandORS) for new entrants to the profession and Associate (AORS) for those with a couple of years’ experience, to Associate Fellow (AFORS) for those with more substantial experience and finally Fellow (FORS) for those with a significant track record and influence.

Choose OR Society accreditation if:

  • You want to show specifically that you are an O.R. professional or
  • You want appropriate recognition at any stage of your career or
  • You want a one-off accrediataion with no need for review or renewal

You will need to compile evidence of your achievements and experience suitable to the level applied for and identify two referees who can confirm the content of your application. Read more about the OR Society’s Accreditation Scheme

Chartered Scientist

CSci is a qualification established by the Science Council and made available to our members through being licensed to the OR Society. The CSci is ideal for anyone who wants a widely recognised accreditation, demonstrating their scientific competence. The track record and experience required for application is roughly equivalent to our AFORS grade.

Choose Chartered Scientist if:

  • You want a Chartered qualification or
  • You want a designation recognised by people unfamiliar with O.R. or
  • You want a designation that is being promoted beyond the OR Society

CSci registrants must follow a code of conduct, commit to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and keep records of CPD that may be inspected on demand. Read more about Chartered Scientist.

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Certified Analytics Professional, an exam-based analytics qualification established by INFORMS, the US equivalent of the OR Society. Like CSci, CAP requires commitment to CPD and record-keeping of CPD for inspection.

Choose CAP if:

  • You want a qualification that is specifically related to analytics or
  • You want a designation recognised by people unfamiliar with O.R. or
  • You want an exam-based qualification

Read more about Certified Analytics Professional