Why You Should Stand for Nomination to General Council and a Committee of the OR Society

Standing for nomination to the General Council and a committee of The Operational Research Society (ORS) offers a unique opportunity for personal growth, professional development, and significant contribution to the field of operational research. Whether you are an early-career researcher or an experienced practitioner, joining a committee can be a transformative experience. Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider taking this step.

Professional Development

One of the most immediate benefits of serving on a committee is the opportunity for professional development. Committee members are often involved in organising events, workshops, and conferences. These activities help you to enhance your project management, leadership, and organisational skills. Additionally, you will gain insights into the latest trends and developments in operational research and the society’s work, keeping you at the forefront of the field. The experience you gain can also be a valuable addition to your CV, demonstrating your commitment to the profession through a volunteer role and your capability to take on leadership and team working responsibilities.


Networking Opportunities

Our committees are composed of professionals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. By participating in the governing General Council (GC) and committee activities, you will have the chance to network with fellow OR practitioners, academics, and industry leaders. These connections can lead to collaborative research opportunities, career advancements, and lasting professional relationships. Networking within the OR Society can also provide informal mentorship opportunities and the sharing of knowledge, information and ideas.


Influence and Impact

Serving on the GC and committees gives you a platform to influence the direction and priorities of the Society. You will be in a position to propose and implement initiatives that can shape the future of the organisation. Whether it's advocating for more inclusive policies, promoting sustainable practices, or developing new educational programmes, your contributions can have a lasting impact. Being a committee member allows you to be a part of the decision-making process, ensuring that the society remains dynamic and responsive to the needs of its members.

Personal Growth

Beyond professional benefits, committee involvement also fosters personal growth. Working collaboratively with a diverse group of individuals challenges you to think critically and creatively. You will develop your communication and negotiation skills, as you will need to articulate your ideas clearly and build consensus among members. Moreover, the sense of achievement and satisfaction derived from contributing to the success of the society can be immensely rewarding.

Contribution to the OR Community

By serving on a committee, you can contribute to the broader community by promoting the application of OR methods and techniques. This might involve outreach to educational institutions, supporting student chapters, or engaging with industry to demonstrate the value of OR. Your efforts can help raise awareness and appreciation of operational research, attracting new talent to the field and expanding its impact.

Recognition and Prestige

Being elected to a committee is an honour and a recognition of your expertise and commitment to the field. It enhances your professional stature and can be a source of pride. The visibility that comes with a committee position can also open doors to speaking engagements, panel discussions, and other opportunities to showcase your knowledge and contributions.

Recap of the WHY

Standing for nomination for a committee of the OR Society is a decision that can enrich your professional and personal life while allowing you to make meaningful contributions to the field of operational research. It is an opportunity to develop new skills, expand your network, influence the direction of the society, and give back to the community. If you are passionate about operational research and are looking for ways to make a difference, please consider standing for nomination. Your involvement can help shape the future of the OR Society.

Go on line General Council Elections - The OR Society and consider putting yourself forward.